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5 criteria of a home fit for multigenerational living


Multigenerational living has unique advantages, such as shared emotional support and enriching family bonds. Designing a home fit for multigenerational living is a complex endeavour that requires thoughtful consideration of various factors.

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What defines a modern home? The definition of a modern home largely depends on what constitutes quality living. Due to various economic and social factors, more people are opting for homes that are flexible enough to accommodate extended families, especially in urban areas.

For landed property, home buyers often have an eye on long-term requirements for their families. Even if a home buyer has a small family to start with, it could easily multiply with the inclusion of additional children, grandchildren, in-laws and other family members over time. Therefore, it is not uncommon nowadays for a modern home to house multi-generations under one roof.

In a nutshell, you will need a home that suits different needs.

In an era where multigenerational living arrangements are becoming increasingly common, the concept of a “home” has evolved to accommodate the needs and preferences of different generations. However, for such arrangements to work seamlessly, the right home environment is crucial.

Read on to find out 5 important criteria to help you pick your dream home for cosy, practical and stimulating multigenerational living.

1. Space and privacy

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A house is not truly a home without the comforting refuge of space and privacy. A spacious house will not be appealing if it does not offer privacy; Similarly, privacy will not be as desirable without the requisite space. These two factors work in tandem with each other. Therefore, families under the same roof need their own unique space for daily activities, as well as the requisite privacy that such a home should accord.

For multigenerational living, it is doubly important to strike a balance between these two factors. A multigenerational home needs communal areas where family members can come together and private spaces for each generation to retreat for time alone. This might involve creating separate living quarters, with their own bedrooms, bathrooms, and even kitchenettes, ensuring that everyone has a personal sanctuary.

A prime example of multigenerational homes can be found in Encorp Cahaya Alam Tilia, a development which spans 209 acres, offering 112 homes within a low-density and close-knit community. These homes feature ingenious layouts where living, dining and kitchen areas are seamlessly merged for larger family engagements and activities.

2. Accessibility and safety

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A multigenerational home may comprise various age groups including infants, teenagers, adults and elderlies. Therefore, the structure of these homes needs to take into consideration the specific requirements of the respective age groups, especially concerning accessibility and safety. Nevertheless, a multigenerational home should also be accessible and safe for family members of all ages.

A house with elderly and senior citizens should provide sufficient mobility to protect their well-being. For example, the mobility of ageing grandparents or relatives with disabilities can be managed effectively with standard features such as ramps, wider doorways, handrails, and a first-floor bedroom, which can make a significant difference in ensuring a comfortable and safe living environment.

It is not just the internal design of homes that matters. Residents should also have a high bar for standards concerning accessibility and safety in surrounding outdoor areas. These aspects are prominently addressed in Encorp Cahaya Alam Tilia, where residents can enjoy strolls in the park with systematic roads and pathways that are designed to encourage safer walkability.

3. Flexibility in design

Aesthetics alone is not sufficient for a modern home. The design of a home should be malleable to serve the ever-changing needs of its residents, whether for functional, practical or other intangible reasons. Therefore it is important for a multigenerational home to offer design flexibilities that would enable future changes.

A teenager’s room may be converted into something more adult-oriented when he or she grows up. An unused room could be transformed into a store. A room used as a nursery could be repurposed as a home office. And the list goes on. Undoubtedly, a multigenerational home should be designed with the utmost flexibility in mind.

Family dynamics change over time. The home should be adaptable to accommodate these changes. For example, a home in Encorp Cahaya Alam Tilia adheres closely to this design philosophy by offering units with a backyard space that allows for future expansion as your family grows.

4. Functional common areas

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Common areas are central to everyday living, especially in a multigenerational home. This is where people under the same roof assemble and share wonderful moments. Therefore, these spaces are extremely important in preserving the communal experience unique to every family.

A good example is a cosy kitchen with ample space for the whole family to enjoy meals together. In Malaysian culture, no matter how busy you are, a strong traditional family must eat together! A comfortable living room can also be a suitable place for relaxation and bonding. Therefore, functional common areas are doubly important in enriching the multigenerational home experience. Features like an open-concept layout, comfortable seating and storage solutions can make a significant difference in creating a welcoming environment.

Encorp Cahaya Alam Tilia offers abundant opportunities for your family to rendezvous, within and outside the home. In the house, there are spacious family areas to foster quality moments with your loved ones. Outside the house, there is a lush 1-acre park landscaped with avenues for communal living.

5. Sustainability and efficiency

With increased public awareness of the environment and the growing popularity of green features among home buyers, sustainability is no longer just a buzzword. It has almost become necessary among discerning buyers, especially for a multigenerational home where sustainability and efficiency must be integrated to enhance the quality of living.

In terms of value, homes with long-term sustainability and efficiency have potential long-term appreciation. Therefore, it would not be overstating the fact to say that sustainability and efficiency are crucial factors in designing a multigenerational home. Features such as solar panels, energy-efficient appliances and proper insulation can make a home not only fit for multigenerational living but also environmentally friendly.

Encorp Cahaya Alam Tilia showcases the best in eco-centric sustainability, with a solar panel system that harnesses energy and reduces electricity consumption. These homes also offer cosy interiors featuring large window openings that promote better natural lighting and cross-ventilations.

Exploring options for multigenerational homes

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With careful planning and execution, a multigenerational home may spark infinitely wondrous moments for families to savour for a lifetime. Generations of all ages can congregate and celebrate joyous daily experiences in unique and engaging spaces.

Keen on exploring the prospects of living in a lovely multigenerational home? Encorp Cahaya Alam Tilia may have the right options for you to ponder. The final phase of landed homes in Encorp Cahaya Alam offers spacious 2-storey superlink homes with two types of layouts to choose from. Type A consists of 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with a built-up area from 2,408 sq ft to 2,806 sq ft. Layout type B are 4+1 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with built-up area from 2,707 sq ft to 3,131 sq ft. The five corner lot units available come with a swimming pool as an added feature.

These elegantly crafted homes showcase the best in modern architecture amid captivating scenery. There are seamless connections between indoor and outdoor spaces for a harmonious balance of privacy, cosiness and openness through contemporary and understated architectural elements. Multigenerational needs are amply met with generous space combined with assured privacy and long-term value. For a nurturing, calming and enriching experience, Encorp Cahaya Alam Tilia ticks all the right boxes.

Keen to find out more about Encorp Cahaya Alam-Tilia’s enticing offering? You are just a click or call away. Check out the website or call +6019-4009868.

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