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5 benefits of coworking spaces post-COVID pandemic


The world of work is changing, and coworking spaces could be the answer to your post-pandemic working woes.

Coworking spaces could be the solution to a new post-pandemic world of working.
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We’re learning to live with COVID-19 in Malaysia as 90% of the population has been vaccinated and restrictions for businesses have steadily been lifted.

While companies have begun planning for their reopening, a new hybrid working arrangement has emerged: one where employees will be able to work from home and report to the office as and when required – especially when we’re not completely out of the clear of this pandemic yet.

On the other hand, we have start-ups and small businesses with a remote-first working environment but may need a space to work on collaborative projects.

Let’s not forget the freelancers and gig workers who want to get out of their house to work productively but don’t want to spend on multiple cuppas just to sit at a café all day.

Coworking spaces could be the solution to a new post-pandemic world of working. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. It allows us to work remotely without being cooped up at home.

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Just because you need to work remotely away from the office, that doesn’t mean you have to work from your house. Under a hybrid model, companies could rent a private office room in a coworking space as an alternative workplace to minimise physical contact between colleagues.

It’s also effective when employees need to gather remotely for projects; for example, more stable internet connections for clear Google Meets or Zoom calls, plus fewer distractions that come from working from home. A coworking space provides all the facilities workers need to be productive.

2. Work-life balance is still the top priority in people’s minds.

Booking a coworking space close to home or midway to the office cuts commute time massively
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If there was one thing that most of us discovered during the lockdown, it was the much-improved work-life balance we enjoy. Gone were the days of being stuck in long traffic jams at 6 pm or the dreaded long commutes in the LRT or bus. Back in pre-pandemic times, the TomTom traffic index estimates that Malaysians spend 25 mins in traffic for a 30 min journey. That is the madness that all of us dread to go back to.

Booking a coworking space close to home or midway to the office not only cuts commute time massively but also saves us from the massive stress that comes from the long journey to work due to heavy traffic.

The coworking space also includes all the vital business services to support a remote workforce – no more headaches from bad connections at home or your neighbours’ house renovations messing with an important work call.

3. Startups and small businesses are letting go of office space altogether.

©Jerry | At about 70% cheaper compared to conventional office space at the CBD or suburban areas, Jerry, a coworking space in TTDI can help start-ups and small businesses save on overheads without having to sacrifice comfort and productivity.

Major companies have the big bucks to maintain headquarters and branch offices, but start-ups and small businesses could save plenty of money by scrapping the idea of a physical location and choosing a coworking space to grow their company.

Many coworking spaces, however, come with unnecessary facilities that neither you nor your team needs. If all that’s required is a basic, fully furnished office with unlimited Wi-Fi to get work done, then check out Jerry, a coworking space in TTDI and soon in Subang Jaya.

Jerry’s can help start-ups and small businesses save on overheads without having to sacrifice comfort and productivity at about 70% cheaper compared to conventional office space at the CBD or suburban areas. Jerry’s NSA (no strings attached) plan is priced at RM10 a day or RM299 a month (priced per person) and comes with a business address too. Neat.

4. Caters to the needs of freelancers, gig workers & SMEs.


Independent workers like freelancers, gig workers, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who need a more conducive working environment can benefit from these coworking spaces. They provide the best facilities for their needs compared to sitting all day at cafés or being stuck in their living rooms.

And if prices are a concern, especially for those caught in the middle, that’s where a no-frills coworking space with only the essentials comes in. Jerry is exactly that – a flexible and affordable workspace with contract-free pricing plans that suit all budgets. With Jerry’s Solo Yolo plan, it only costs RM15 all day (per person) for a private dedicated workspace – that’s cheaper than a cup of coffee! Perfect for rushing some last-minute work.

5. A flexible working environment calls for flexibility in leasing working spaces.


In addition, remote workers and freelancers need agility and flexibility – who knows where their next job will take them, so no one wants to be tied down.

Companies looking to provide alternative workspaces for their employees could also be put off by long-term contracts. Start-ups and small businesses, on the other hand, need the flexibility of a workplace that doesn’t tie up capital that could have been better used to drive their growth.

A coworking space like Jerry provides quality workspace essentials at 0% mark-up, 0 commitment policies, and refundable deposits, which is hard to find in the market today at its affordable prices. Not only can solo freelancers or small companies decide how long they want to stick to Jerry (be it weeks, months, or even centuries), they can terminate their attachments within 24 hours.


Jerry is a no-frills coworking space designed with only the essentials in mind, which means it only costs a fraction of what typical workspaces charge. Jerry caters to everyone from budding start-ups to freelancers with their awesome Solo Yolo and NSA price plans that doesn’t burn a hole in their bank balance.

Their outlet in TTDI is right where all the hipster cafes are, but at about 70% cheaper compared to renting a conventional office in the heart of CBD or suburban locations. Plus, there will be another Jerry’s at Subang Jaya – Subangites take note!


In addition to 24/7 access to a fully furnished office with unlimited Wi-Fi, there’s a lounge & pantry area, daily housekeeping, CCTV monitoring, and a business address (the latter for those that take up their NSA Plan).

Visit their website for a virtual tour of Jerry and to learn more (P.S. no hidden fees either).

And if you enjoy working at Jerry, you can even earn a little side cash for recommending the coworking space to friends. Their “The Really Easy RM50” promotion earns you RM50 when a friend signs up with Jerry — no limit as to how much you can earn. So spread the word! Click here for more info

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