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12 ways to create a more harmonious home


Given we live in such busy times and are constantly connected to the outside world, creating a sanctuary in your home has never been more important.

A harmonious home will help you disconnect and take time to breathe. Here are 12 things you can do to help create a more harmonious home.

1. Go for natural and organic materials

Include organic cotton, linens, timber, hemp, jute, sisal and wool. These materials are good for you and the planet.

2. Choose colours and patterns that make you happy

Cool tones, like greys and blues, will calm everything down, whereas warmer colours, like reds and yellows, will create a snuggly and welcoming vibe.

When combining patterns, a core colour will help these to connect and reduce clashing.

Tones of grey are calming in a room. Pictures: Supplied

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3. Clear the air

Bring fresh flowers in from the garden and a few indoor plants. There are a few easy-care plants, such as peace lilies, which have been proven to improve air quality.

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Candles and aromatherapy can be great for soothing your mood but be aware of artificial fragrances and the impact fragrance can have on some people.

The best way to clear the air? Open the windows daily, even if for a short time. This is far better than adding artificial scents.

4. Soften sounds that make you stressed

In a modern home with lots of hard surfaces and open spaces, noise can be amplified. Use rugs and soft furnishings to help calm this down.

Use bells, mobiles and wind chimes to create gentle musical sounds around your home, and always take some time to play and listen to music, depending on your mood.

5. Add tactile textures

Reaching out to touch a piece of timber furniture or a soft throw, is a natural instinct. Human beings are sensory creatures.

Add some pieces of furniture and soft furnishings that encourage you to touch them.

6. Create social areas to share food together

Food is a social thing. Create a place to gather with your friends and family for shared food and conversation. Time spent together is priceless.

No TV in sight – create a place to gather friends and family for shared food and conversation. Picture: Supplied

7. Reduce disorganised clutter

It’s possible to have a harmonious home and be someone who likes a lot of stuff. However, if you are swamped by stuff, it’s time to do a proper cleanout.

Really think about the purpose and beauty of the items in your home and let some things go.

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8. Create a space to retreat

Open-space living is great, but it can be overload in a busy home. Have somewhere you can retreat from other people.

Whether this is a small nook, your bedroom or garden, have a dedicated area where you can enjoy some alone time on a regular basis.

Tea tastes better in peace. Picture: Supplied

9. Zone your technology

This is really important for everyone in your home. There is really no need to take your phone to bed! And computers really need to live in another room.

Have zones and rules around technology such as no phones at the dinner table, too.

10. Opt for mood lighting

This includes natural light, which is the number-one form of lighting you want to get right. After this, it depends on the use of the room.

The most important light source in the home is nature’s lighting. Picture: Supplied

In a kitchen and bathroom, you need good task lighting. In a living area, such as lounge or dining room, you want both task lighting and mood lighting. Lamps and dimmers can help to create shifting moods.

11. Use water well

There is nothing more relaxing than a deep soak in the bath, or a refreshing shower. Water has the power to calm.

It’s not about building the biggest or most trendy bathroom. Create a daily ritual of taking time to be mindful while the water washes away the stress of the day.

12. Get enough sleep

For most people, this is between six to eight hours a night. Go with what works for you in your life right now.

Try to have the same bedtime and create a healthy sleeping environment – no screens or phones in the bedroom, a comfy bed with decent bed linen, and a calming routine before you hit the pillow.

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