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10 home decor improvements in less than an hour


These small decorating tricks that take almost no time, minimal effort and cost will refresh the ambience of your home.

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You find yourself drooling over the images of beautifully redecorated homes after an episode of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, but let’s face it – we’re no Joanna Gaines. Plus with a bustling schedule, it’s merely impossible to be at the top of the home decor game.

So how does one conquer this with such limited time?

1. Add some greenery to your space

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Sometimes the smallest things make the greatest impact. Indoor plants bring a breath of fresh air to a space thanks to its purifying abilities, on top of being an easy way to invigorate vibrant decor. You can use clear, glass vases to display fresh cut greenery. A Kentia palm tree can make a great statement piece too.

2. Decorate with glassware


Turn your living room or kitchen into a decorative showplace. Put you best-looking pieces on display, mixing old and new glassware – from frosted glass to painted glass. A pop of colour will also add an extra edge to white shelves or cabinets.

3. Transform old items into new

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Use old Mason jars or glass jugs to illuminate conversation pieces. Place festive lights to brighten up a display or you can add bold coloured beads, origami, or sand of different spectrum to make unique decorative pieces. Put old rattan baskets to full use by using it as magazine or book holders.

4. Install a mirror

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Mirrors have the power to make a room seem larger than it actually is. A single well-placed mirror also reflects the natural light pouring in from the doors and windows, creating more light in your space. Repurpose vintage frames with mirrored glass cuts for affordable customised look.

5. Fun-filled photo table

Fill your empty table top with a creative photo display by having a piece of glass fit to your table top. Tuck your favourite photos, postcards, and other memorabilia underneath the glass table tops to add some character to it.

6. Repurpose a ladder

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Why not recover a wooden ladder as a nook to store extra throws and blankets? A living room isn’t cozy without quintessential fuzzy throws! Moreover, it’s an easy and inexpensive art that offers instant wall interest with its textures.

7. Add a centrepiece

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A centerpiece make a living space more whole and welcoming. It is a great way to introduce some warmth and lively colour palette to your space. A  gorgeous flower arrangement or even lovely scented candles for that matter can break the silence.

8. Re-lighting

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Using different lighting techniques such as downlighting, spotlighting and silhouetting can spice up the feel of your spaces. This helps create a creative atmosphere that suits different occasions with just a few simple tweaks.

9. Print-out art

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Creating a gallery wall that is full of small artworks can be less overwhelming and more cost-effective than investing in a single or large pieces of art. A bare wall can be a daunting place to start, but be brave and fix up your favourite shots. Get your favourite visuals digitally enlarged and display them on the wall.

10. Trinket tray

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Grouping ornaments together on a tray can make a stronger statement than spreading them out, and is more practical for cleaning, too. An affordable display of vintage glass, a favourite candle and crystals are brought to life with delicate flowers such as Baby’s-breath.

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