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Sublet Agreement In Malaysia – What You Should Know

What should you include in a sublet agreement? Is the agreement legally binding in Malaysia? Do you need your landlord’s consent to do subletting? It’s all detailed in this article with professional legal advice from a practising lawyer at MahWengKwai & Associates!

24 Nov 2022

What to know about Base Rate (BR), Base Lending Rate (BLR) and Standardised Base Rate (SBR) when selecting a housing loan?

Many Malaysians are still confused over the current Standardised Base Rate (SBR), which replaced the Base Rate in 2022. In this article, we dissect the differences between SBR, BR and BLR and explain how these rates affect your housing loan.

23 Nov 2022

Metaverse Virtual Real Estate vs Physical Property: 7 Key Differences

Check out what is a Metaverse virtual real estate, what's the difference between a virtual and physical property, and how is the present virtual property landscape in Malaysia in our article.

22 Nov 2022

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