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Government's Assistance For First-Time Homebuyers

More than a decade ago, property prices were still affordable. Today, property prices have increased by two or three fold, while salaries of young adults have yet to catch up with the hike in property prices. Hence, affordability is the priority and concern of young purchasers.


To address the issue of the affordability of property, the Malaysian government has offered two key schemes for young adults who are relatively new to the workforce.

My First Home Scheme was announced in Budget 2011 by the government to assist young adults who have just joined the workforce to purchase their first residential property. The scheme allows young adults to obtain up to 100% financing from financial institutions.
PR1MA was established to plan, develop, construct and maintain affordable lifestyle housing for middle-income households in key urban centres. The government plans to build affordable homes in cities and towns in Malaysia.
  • 100% financing i.e. no need for 10% downpayment
  • Residential properties in Malaysia only
  • Malaysian citizens, up to the age of 35 years
  • Single borrower gross income not exceeding RM5,000 per month and joint borrowers gross income not exceeding RM10,000 per month (based on gross maximum income of RM5,000 per month per borrower)
  • Property value between RM100,000 and RM400,000
  • Must occupy property upon purchase
  • Financing tenure not exceeding 40 years, or not more than 65 years old
  • Installment payable via monthly salary deduction
  • Compulsory fire insurance / Takaful
  • Amortising facility only, without redrawable features
  • Malaysian citizens (individuals or families) with an average monthly household income between RM2,500 and RM7,500
  • At least 21 years old at time of application
  • Those who currently own no more than one property
  • PR1MA homes are allocated through an open balloting process
  • A 10-year moratorium will be imposed, during which the property cannot be sold or transferred to another party without prior approval from PR1MA
  • Must occupy property upon purchase
• Skim Rumah Pertamaku (SRP)
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