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Property Articles and Tips

The Klang Valley MRT project involves the construction of a rail-based public transport network.
Getting the right property terminologies is one of the most basic information you need to get right before you venture out to visit properties with real estate agents.
More than a decade ago, property prices were still affordable. Today, property prices have increased by two or three fold.
When you begin on your investment property journey, you need to know what your investment objectives are. Ask yourself, "What is my target rate of return?"
The value-driven real estate with sustainable growth potential has made Malaysia an attractive property investment destination and option for investors.
There are essentially two types of property investors - a flipper and a keeper.
Before purchasing a property, be sure to think ahead! What will the future of the property's nearby area be like?
Selamat Datang! That means 'Welcome' in the Malay (and official) language, and purchasing property in Malaysia could be as easy as that greeting rolling off your tongue.
Whichever type of property you choose, it is always best to know what you are getting yourself into.
Not sure what certain terms mean? Here's a glossary of often-used, property-related terms and words.
Iskandar Malaysia will be a challenging market to maneuver from 2014 onwards. Here are ten tips to help you navigate your way post-Budget 2014.

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