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Property Purchase Guide for Expatriates / Foreigners

That means 'Welcome' in the Malay (and official) language of Malaysia, and purchasing property here could be as easy as that greeting rolling off your tongue. Malaysia remains as one of the friendliest and hassle-free nations in the Asian region for foreigners who intend to acquire properties. It is also perhaps one of the most flexible countries when it comes to legal issues relating to the buying of properties.


Currently there is no limit on the number of residential properties that a foreigner can purchase. The entire buying process is the same as a local buyer, aside from several rules and restrictions. Here is a general guideline of the terms and conditions, but do seek a lawyer's advice about specific issues relating to the purchase of any property in Malaysia.

Low- and medium-cost properties determined by the State Authority.
Properties allocated to Bumiputera (Malay quota) as determined by the State Authority.
If you are planning to move to Malaysia under the MM2H programme and are placing a fixed deposit to qualify for the MM2H visa, then the date you purchase a property is important.
You will only be permitted to withdraw part of your fixed deposit (after it has been on deposit for one year) towards the purchase of your property if the SPA is dated after the issuance of your visa.
In summary
Malaysia is a great place for foreigners to set up their second home or find a property to invest because of the following reasons:
  • Direct ownership
  • Allowed to own freehold property
  • Established commonwealth legal system
  • Constitutional property ownership right
  • Established banking system to fund foreign acquisition
  • Workable purchase procedures
  • Statutory protection for homebuyer
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• Malaysia My Second Home
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