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Does buying and selling properties give you the highs? Do you get all excited inspecting a property? Does getting the deal done give you the buzz? Are you passionate about meeting people and travelling?

If you answered yes to all the above, then you have the basic instincts to be a real estate professional in Malaysia. It's time for you to register your interest and apply for a position as a Real Estate Agent or Negotiator with our participating agencies today!

Minimum Requirements

  • 18 years old
  • Have intiative to learn
  • A team player
  • Good communication skills
  • Own transport is a plus

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  1. Do I need a license to become an agent?
    Generally there are no barriers for someone to start off as a property agent (they call them real estate negotiators).
  2. Do I need to register with an agency?
    Most licensed real estate firms would gladly welcome you to join them.
  3. Does agent receive commission?
    Yes, you will receive commission from the professional fees they earn from a sale or rental or a property which you conclude on.
  4. Any tips to help me get started and succeed?
    To succeed you would need to join an established real estate agency which offers a significant level of training and support. You will need to be trained at the in¡¯s and out¡¯s of both rental and sales. These are fairly complex processes and you will need to understand them completely before you begin to start showing any properties. Most potential purchaser's and tenant's are extremely knowledgeable these days and can spot a rookie very quickly. A good starting point is just to focus on one segment of the market (sale or rentals of terrace house) in one particular area. That way, you quickly get up to speed on the locality, what is has to offer, the average price of houses there, etc, etc. In other words, you come across as a miniature expert. Do note too that how you present yourself is also very important to how your potential employer views you and also how potential clients (buyers or tenants) treat you. The better you dress, the better your interaction.

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