Peter Gan

Peter Gan

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Asian Land Realty Sdn. Bhd. (MK)

Asian Land Realty Sdn. Bhd. (MK)

26-02, Menara 1Mk, Komplex One Mont Kiara, No.1, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur


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Peter Gan has been in the Corporate IT World for more than 20 plus years but his passion for properties initially as an investor has lead him to be a negotiator; sharing his experience with buyers and investors his views on properties in the market. Peter has made his fair share of mistakes in his investment during his younger days and now fully subscribes to the strategy of Location, Location and Location.Peter will be the first to admit that he may not be the best real estate negotiator in the industry but his qualities of honesty, dedication to serve his clients and his commitment and approachability makes him one of the few negotiators where investors and buyers feel comfortable with.Peter does not believe in pressuring his buyers/ investors to make decisions as he subscribes to the belief ' What is yours is yours and what is not yours will never be yours'......Please Do Not Hesitate To List Your Properties With Peter Gan And Should You Be Looking For Your Ideal Home Or A Place To Invest, Do Call Peter at 0193150257 .... It Will Be His Honour To Serve You....Have A Good Day Ahead ! Additionally, Peter provides a One Stop Consulting Services To assist you on your Loan & Legal requirements if you need his assistance

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