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Villamas lends a helping hand to the visually impaired



With an aim of doing something out of the norm for this year’s CSR event, Villamas took the noble step of bringing a group of blind individuals from Agape for a fun day out on the MRT. A total of 20 visually-impaired individuals participated in this CSR event where they had the chance to experience the disabled-friendly features of MRT as well as to raise awareness to the public to care for the blind people.

“We do an annual CSR program while we were brainstorming for ideas this year, we decided that we should not merely donate to the underprivileged, but should also provide an opportunity for Villamas personnel to better understand the blind community’s needs,” said Gan Teck Seong, Group CEO of Villamas.

“I feel really good participating in this event. I find the MRT very comfortable and quiet while the internal announcements were loud and clear. For a blind person like me, if the environment is noisy, I tend to feel lost and worried because I rely heavily on my hearing to move around. I would like to thank Villamas for making all the necessary arrangements which allowed us to use the MRT confidently with the help from Villamas staff who were our guides,” said David Gip, Administrator at Agape Counselling Centre Malaysia (Agape).

Gip further commented,“ We got the chance to interact with sighted people and it was a great feeling for us as we feel like we were part of society.” The event ended with Villamas presenting a mock cheque worth RM10, 000 to Agape foundation.

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