UMLand Seri Austin hosts Chinese New Year Media Lunch 2016

UMLand Seri Austin hosts Chinese New Year Media Lunch 2016

22 February 2016, Monday – Dynasty View Sdn Bhd (UMLand Seri Austin) hosted the Chinese New Year Media Lunch 2016 exclusively for local media members on 22 February 2016 at Renaissance Hotel Johor Bahru. The main objective of the annual appreciation luncheon besides celebration Chinese New Year was to thank all the media members for the continuous cooperation and supports to date and at the same time foster closer relationship and interaction amongst UMLand Seri Austin and the media.

CEO Mr Wong Kuen Kong said during the luncheon, “We work very closely with all the media and we know they work very hard and efficiently and as such they deserved a good CNY luncheon”

He also added, “We are proud that due to our progress and contributions to the residents and communities, UMLand Seri Austin had received more than 40 awards & recognitions in 2014 and 2015.”

In his speech, he also shared his opinion and advice on property market outlook in 2016 and future developments in Seri Austin.  After the short and condensed speech by CEO Mr Wong, everyone reached in with their chopsticks and tossed the “Yee Sang” as high as possible for an abundance of wealth, fortune, prosperity and good health. UMLand Seri Austin will be holding more media gatherings with journalists and media outlets in the future, strengthening and building on our already strong media relationships.