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Tropicana brings back the legendary Santapan 29 Malam buffet


Come visit the legendary Tropicana buffet, serving over 250 delicacies featuring 20 live cooking stalls

13 APRIL (PETALING JAYA)  – Tropicana Golf & Country Resort, a subsidiary of Tropicana Corporation Berhad (“Tropicana”) brought the legendary Santapan 29 Malam Buffet dinner back by popular demand this Ramadhan. It is available from 13 April – 12 May 2021 at The Palm Coffee House in the main wing of the Tropicana Golf & Country Resort clubhouse. The main feature is the huge buka puasa spread of over 250 dishes, with 20 stalls serving popular delicacies made fresh on the spot, providing foodies and fans a chance to once again enjoy one of the largest buffets in Malaysia.

Speaking at the event, Tropicana Golf & Country Resort’s Managing Director, Peter Kuan shared the considerations they’ve had to take into account for social distancing practices this year whilst promising to deliver a pleasant “kampung style” experience, spoiling its diners with a variety of signature dishes.

“For over 20 years, Tropicana has consistently redefined the art of living, dining, and serving – improving our legendary Ramadhan buffet that has become a household name. COVID-19 may have left a void among buffet-lovers but thanks to “new normal-friendly” concepts, we are bringing back our Santapan 29 Malam Buffet to satisfy buffet cravings while sticking to social distancing measures. Our menu this year is enormous, with over 250 dishes and 20 stalls preparing local and international signature dishes, from special roasts and grill corner to our mouth-watering pastry corner,” he summarised.

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The giant spread includes local favourites and house specialties from the chefs at The Palm Coffee House at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort. There are local side dishes like the ubiquitous lemang, cooked over wood fires and served with chicken rendang, roti canai, to the homemade bubur lambuk. Main dishes like roasted lamb and satay are grilled fresh at the stalls, and draw lots of eager diners.

There are 20 live cooking stations for Tropicana Chefs to show off their skills, featuring popular stalls such as “aneka goreng” stalls for prawns, fish, chicken, and keropok; pizza and noodle stalls; dessert stalls with ice cream potong, ABC, and cendol; kids and snacks sections such as nuggets, cekodok pisang, cempedak, and more. There is also an assortment of Malaysian fruits from crunchy jambu, rambutan to duku langsat, and a choice of popular local drinks and desserts from bandung syrup to bubur cha cha, amongst others.

Along with Malaysian delicacies come Thai specialties this year as well. From the Yam Neua beef salad and Tom Yum Gai to the Som Tam Thai, a spicy green papaya salad in chili and fish sauce. All these and more delightful spreads await, truly a feast for everyone, young and old.

Tropicana buffet is back by popular demand: Peter Kuan, right (Managing Director of TGCR) and Chef Zaihari Zainol, left (TGCR Executive Chef)

For reservations on the Santapan 29 Malam buffet dinner from 13 April – 12 May 2021, contact:

T: +603 7804 1919 or 1800 88 8128

E: [email protected] D

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