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Posted Date: August 05, 2013 12:00 AM, By:
Sustainable Community Living

The first phase of Perfect Eagle Development’s O2 City, O2 Residence, is a dream home come true for the environmentally-conscious family.

Set to become the defining development in Puchong South, Perfect Eagle Development Sdn Bhd’s O2 City is a shining beacon representing the serious push for green living among property developers and the public. Its first phase, O2 Residence, perfectly exemplifies the company’s dedication to creating sustainable homes for the environmentally-conscious family. Perfect Eagle Development’s CEO, Puan Sri Datin Alice Su shares with details of the project as well as her personal vision for the development. What inspired you to launch a sustainable development, and what can you tell us about O2 Residence?
Puan Sri Datin Alice Su:
Today’s homebuyers are not just looking for a house; they are looking for a home with added value that is also sustainable and environmentally-friendly. These have become the trend-setters by indicating what developers should be building now and for the future, and that is what you see in O2 City and O2 Residence by extension.

Many developers are building green by adding on green elements to their developments. Hence we thought about making green elements a core part of our development design from the start. Our main driving goals are reducing the energy consumption of the residents as well as providing them with a sense of security, and every facet of O2 Residence was designed with the future in mind.

Additionally, we decided to make O2 Residence a low-density development because we realised that people today do not communicate and interact as much as they used to, especially face-to-face. We wanted to encourage community engagement and bring back the community living style that our grandparents used to have, and with the O2 Residence, we have succeeded in innovatively combining the sustainable living practices of the past with the convenience of modern life.

iP: Was it your intention to have O2 City as a whole to be a certified green township, and what kind of green features does O2 Residence have?
Puan Sri Datin Alice Su:
Yes, we plan for the entire 64-acre development to be green and sustainable. For now, we are starting with the O2 Residence. We are also aiming to achieve the Green Building Index and Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark certifications for both O2 City and O2 Residence.

O2 Residence is a low-density development stretched over 13 acres, and a large part of it will consist of green elements. This includes 1,000 trees, 70% of which will be local tropical species, that will be planted all over the project. When green living is mentioned, people immediately think about recycling. But with O2 Residence, we are promoting a higher level of environmental friendliness in our residents’ lives.

One of our main green features is a rainwater harvesting system for irrigation purposes which helps negate the need for domestic water usage when it comes to watering all the plants on the development and cleaning the common areas. The water is stored in the eco pool, which at full capacity holds enough water for year round irrigation. Another facet of the rainwater harvesting system is for residents’ flushing need, 38% of the flushing needs can be offset by this system.

O2 Residence also has photovoltaic panels that will harness solar energy. The electricity generated through this will be sold to Tenaga Nasional through the feed-in tariff scheme and the profits will be passed to the management to be used to help cover the development’s maintenance costs. Aside from that, we have incorporated green technology such as LED bulbs and regenerative lifts into the development as well.

iP: How much did these green initiatives contribute towards the cost of O2 Residence’s overall development?
Puan Sri Datin Alice Su:
That is a difficult question to answer, as these green initiatives were already incorporated the day we came up with the design itself. As such, the costs automatically became part of the base development costs instead of being an add-on and it is very hard to isolate its true value. The total cost will be slightly higher compared to that of a development without these initiatives, but in the long-run these green features will save money and earn their worth back.

iP: What is your vision for O2 Residence once it is completed?
Puan Sri Datin Alice Su:
At Perfect Eagle Development, we understand that people want homes that are sustainable and environmentally-friendly yet still affordable and equipped with top-notch facilities, and that is what we aspire to deliver with O2 Residence. I see O2 Residence homes as something that parents will pass on to their children, who will then pass it on to their children and so forth because it is designed with the family in mind and as such will continue to be a wonderful community to live in far into the future.

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Posted Date: March 19, 2013 12:00 AM, By:
70pc of Perfect Eagle's O2 Residence snapped up

PUCHONG: Perfect Eagle Development Sdn Bhd's latest offering in Puchong, the O2 Residence, is already 70 per cent snapped up.

The O2 Residence, with a gross development value of RM450 million, is nestled within O2 City, a 25.6ha mixed development in Bandar Puchong South, Selangor.

The O2 Residence, with its tagline, "The City That Breathes", is set to bring new excitement to Bandar Puchong South.

Perfect Eagle co-founder and chief executive officer Alice Su Bee Leng said the O2 Residence will be a benchmark for modern sustainable living, redefining the skyline and landscape of Puchong South.

The project aims to achieve multiple green rating certifications such as BCA Green Mark Singapore and Green Building Index Malaysia.

Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Chor Chee Heung launched the O2 Residence on 18 March, which comprises six blocks of serviced residences that offer a total of 508 units.

These units are expected to be completed in five years.

The blocks, together with boutique offices, retail units and a hotel, are part of the RM2 billion O2 City, whose development will span over 10 years.

- Business Times

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Posted Date: March 12, 2013 12:00 AM, By:
Perfect Eagle to launch O2 Residence on 18 March
KUALA LUMPUR: Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Chor Chee Heung is expected to officially launch O2 Residence, the latest property development by Perfect Eagle Development Sdn Bhd, on 18 March.

O2 Residence is part of O2 City, a 25.6ha mixed development in Puchong South, Selangor, comprising boutique offices, retail units, hotels and residences.

"Designed spaciously and conscientiously with the consumers and the environment in mind, the elegance of O2 Residence breathes life into sustainable living," said Perfect Eagle Development.

Perfect Eagle Development is a progressive, community-centric property developer that focuses on sustainable living.

Established in 2002, the company's properties of note include the "Amber Avenue" in Dataran Pandan Prima, a mixed development in the mature enclave in Ampang, and "Aquila" in Taman Alam Sutera, Bandar Puncak Alam, Selangor.

According to property portal, O2 Residence is a serviced residence project spanning 5.42ha within O2 City. There are 508 units of serviced residences ranging from 1,000 sq ft to 2,600 sq ft, with a minimum of one room and one bathroom to a maximum of four rooms and three bathrooms.

O2 Residence, which is designed to blend in with the environment, features a vegetated roof to reduce heat insulation and to promote biodiversity. A high open space is also within the development.

Low E (emissivity) glass is used for the building to reduce internal heat through window spaces, which will directly result in lower air-conditioning use. There is recyclable storage that enables residents to sift out their waste and recycle paper, plastics, bottles and metals.

Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) materials are used in the homes, which will result in less odorous and cleaner air for all.

The regenerative drive lifts system converts potential energy and re-routes it to the power grid for other uses within the building system.

Other features include rainwater harvesting for water closets and solar Photovoltaic systems, LED (light-emitting diode) compact fluorescent lights and solar compound lights.

O2 Residence' facilities include a 50m swimming pool, a wading pool and a splash pool, a yoga and pilates deck, an outdoor gym, a 1.6km jogging track and a reflexology area.

O2 Residence also features conveniences like a library and a reading room, a games room, a therapeutic garden and a sketch-me wall.

It also offers residents 24-hour security and a three-tier security system, complete with gated and guarded entrances.

O2 Residence is located within the "Golden Triangle" of the southern corridor and accessible by highways and expressways, including the Damansara-Puchong Expressway, ELITE Highway, North-South Expressway, Besraya Highway, Kesas Highway, Silk Highway and the proposed Skip and SKVE expressways.

- Business Times

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