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Samsung's lifestyle TVs enhance Malaysian homes with their distinctive features and dazzling designs


8 September, KUALA LUMPUR – Samsung has been known to pioneer many innovations that the world now enjoys. Among those innovations, the tech company will always be fondly remembered for transforming a large black box into the dainty, gorgeous lifestyle TVs that we see today. From The Serif, to The Sero, to The Frame, these TVs by Samsung are known globally for their innovative designs and features; going so far to even win several awards on the global stage.

With the opulent designs and unique features that specially cater to the modern-day consumer, Samsung aims to elevate the overall ambience of a home and lifestyles of Malaysians.

“These days, the TV does so much more than just air the news or run your favorite movies and TV shows. Our lifestyles have evolved dramatically over the past decade, and it is only fitting that the TV continues to evolve with us as well. Hence, the birth of these new-age lifestyle TVs that can do so much more for you and your home, like providing modern-day content, real-time information, and making your home look doubly luxurious!” said Jimmy Tan, Head Consumer Electronics, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

The Sero – Mobile Entertainment, Better on TV

Vertical. That is what Sero means in Korean. This beautiful TV rotates between landscape and portrait mode, delivering an experience optimised for the mobile phone. This essentially makes it the quintessential TV of the 21st century, perfect for heavy users of mobile content.

This innovative, out-of-the-box idea for a TV earned recognition on the global stage as well, receiving an esteemed gold award at the iF Design Awards, one of the world’s most celebrated and valued competitions that acknowledges design excellences around the world.

With The Sero, users can plop down in front of their TV, whip out their mobile phones, and enjoy the same mobile content but on a much larger and far more immersive screen – be it games, social media, or portrait videos.

Price (RRP): RM6,999 (43”)

The Serif – Unconditionally Beautiful

The Serif is Samsung’s Lifestyle TV that was imagined by award-winning designers, the Bouroullec Brothers. With its signature ‘I’ profile, it looks absolutely stunning from any part of your home, and from any angle; guaranteed to raise the level of ambient luxury of the living room.

Moreover, it delivers an eye-popping, brilliant viewing experience too. Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence that it is equipped with, viewers will see its content in all the 4K resolution glory, while background noise is significantly cut down. Watch a movie, the latest football match, or that must-see TV drama in over a billion vibrant colours.

Price (RRP):  RM 6,499 (55”)

The Frame – TV When It’s On, Art When It’s Off

Shout out to all Malaysians who love both TV and art! Samsung’s The Frame TV does both. This TV complements your home, bringing both entertainment and luxurious art into your home like it would to a high-society art gallery. If you have guests coming over and you feel like showing off your fine taste in the artistic indulgences of life, have them stand right where The Frame is placed in your home and they can see over 1,200 works of fine art from world-renowned artists and galleries including Museo del Prado, The Albertina, Saatchi Art, and more.

But that’s not all The Frame is about. It is equipped with Samsung’s QLED 4K technology, so that viewers can experience watching TV content in lifelike colour and detail.

Price (RRP): RM6,499 (55”), RM 10,999 (65”)

Do more with your Smart Lifestyle TVs

Samsung’s latest Lifestyle TVs not only look good, they are smart with many more features than you could think. Here are some tips on how you can fully enjoy a Samsung Smart Lifestyle TV.

Get Apps on Your TV

Samsung’s Lifestyle TVs offer access to many exciting apps and games. So, apart from enjoying a movie with your family, why not spend some good family time playing some games and more entertainment on the big screen together? And to make things more convenient, you can also set the TV to update these apps automatically.

Make Your TV Kid-Friendly

With more people spending more time at home and working from home, it is inevitable that children will be spending a lot more time in front of the TV as well. While there are plenty of accessible kid-friendly content, there is also plenty of content inappropriate for children. Fortunately, Samsung’s Lifestyle TVs provide users the option to block certain over-the-air content based on ratings, making it easier for families to protect their children.

Connect Bluetooth Devices

To get the most out of your TV-viewing experience, why not connect a Bluetooth soundbar to turn your home into a mini cinema? Or you could also connect a Bluetooth headphone for a deeply immersive private screening. With this, not only will you see every detail in glorious colour and clarity, you will feel every sound and movement as well.

To know more about Samsung’s latest Lifestyle TVs, visit

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