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Samsung adds a touch of Colour and Style to the Modern Kitchen with New Microwave Oven Line-up


Kuala Lumpur – 30th March, 2020 – Samsung Malaysia Electronics has unveiled its new Colour Series Grill Microwave Ovens that perfectly enhance any kitchen interior with its sleek design, selection of stylish colours, and innovative cooking functions for crispier, tastier and healthier food.

Made to match modern kitchen interior designs, the Colour Series comes in a variety of colours from the chic Pure Black, to trendy and expressive shades including Clean Pink and Clean Mint.

Pure Black

The Colour Series microwave oven is a reflection of the desires of modern homeowners, who seek to find design and colour options that meet their functional needs and complement their personal style at home.

“We recognise the kitchen as the heart of the home. The aesthetics of the home, including appliances, serve to reveal the unique personality and style of its owners,” said Jimmy Tan, Head of Consumer Electronics of Samsung Malaysia Electronics. “The Samsung Colour Series Microwave Ovens will breathe new life into kitchens everywhere, as well as help homeowners prepare healthier and more delicious food in a simple and intuitive manner.”

Clean Mint

The sleek exterior of the microwave oven blends seamlessly into any modern kitchen setting. Its full glass touch panel and a minimalist user-friendly UX design, allows for intuitive control with the light touch of a finger, while providing the added ease of fuss-free maintenance.

Clean Pink

Catering to a variety of kitchen needs, the Colour Series Microwave Ovens aim to change the way meals are prepared, and make home cooking a breeze with its new list of innovative features:

  • Crispy, Tastier & Healthier Food

The new Grill Fry function allows for the cooking of fried food in a healthier way without compromising flavour or texture. Food is cooked to a crisp using a combination of microwave and sheath heater technologies based on an optimal algorithm. The microwave ovens also include an easy-to-clean Teflon-coated Crusty Plate that can be heated up to 200°C, ensuring heat is channelled evenly for thoroughly crispy food.

  • Fast Defrosting

Defrost frozen food rapidly with Quick Defrost. With more than 5 food options, homeowners can whip out delicious meals in lesser time, while ensuring the food retains its nutritional value. (For 30L Pure Black Microwave, comes With Power Defrost, homeowners can now have options to defrost 6 popular foods – meat, poultry, fish, bread, cake and fruit. The Bread Defrost function ensures fresh-tasting bread anytime, calculating the optimal time and temperature to defrost frozen bread, pastries and rolls by weight. Enjoy perfectly baked goods when accompanied by the microwave’s Sheath Heater and Crusty Plate.

  • Delicious Desserts at a Touch of a Button

Craving a brownie or some banana bread? Give in to that sweet tooth with the Home Dessert function. Prepare delicious homemade desserts from a list of pre-set suggestions in a matter of minutes with just one touch – no preheating required!

  • Easy Clean Interior as Certified by Hohenstein Institute, Germany

The Colour Series Microwave Ovens feature a ceramic enamel interior that can be cleaned without scrubbing and will not discolour over time. Certified to be 99.9% anti-bacterial, the easy-to-clean, non-stick ceramic interior is scratch resistant and is resilient against discolouration. This prevents the growth of bacteria, providing a more hygienic cooking environment.

Pricing and Availability

Samsung’s MW5000T colour Grill Microwave Oven is available for purchase now at all Samsung authorized outlets.

Grill Microwave Oven MW5000T
Model CodeCapacityColourPrice (RM)
MG23T5018CN23LClean MintRM 599
MG23T5018CP23LClean PinkRM 599
MG23T5018CK23LPure BlackRM 599
MG30T5018CK30LPure BlackRM 749

To find out more about MW5000T information or purchase via online, please log on to the respective links below:-

Clean Mint (23L):

Clean Pink (23L):

Pure Black (23L):

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