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Propelling Propleague To Greater Heights


Do tell us about yourself and highlight your experience in the real estate industry. Why did you decide to start PropLeague?

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My journey in the real estate industry started in 2000 as an agent for Metro Homes. In the first three years, I put all of my focus on my personal sales goals which helped improve my financial status and my lifestyle. Consistency, passion and focus was my key to success in terms of my personal growth and achievement. In my fourth year, I decided to step up and lead my own team. Within just six months, my team made RM300,000 of sales and that success led me to partner up with Metroworld in 2004.

Naturally, the next step for me was to venture in my own set-up. In 2009, I decided to form PropLeague together with Jimmy Phoon and Patrick Teo.

We envisioned PropLeague to be the largest property agency group around in term of career potential and property investment. With the believe that big things can be achieved by taking small steps, we started investing little by little to grow our portfolio.

From participating in Penang island’s half marathons to running the Standard Charted International full marathons, I am constantly challenging myself. I live on the principle that life is like a marathon and running a 42km race signifies the 42 years I’ve spent racing towards the finish line. Rome was not built in a day; and the same applies to our career, a successful legacy is not built in one day.

Within the same year, a board of directorship that consisted of five committed and passionate members — Jit, Steve, Evon, Monica and I — was formed to strengthen the management backbone. The undeniable efforts and dedication of these founders and CEOs have propelled PropLeague to where it is today. With the slogan “Together we are One’, we strive to learn, grow and succeed together. I’m proud of how far we’ve come and how much growth we have achieved to date. Last year we successfully hit RM10 million in sales despite the current challenging market.

How has the business grown in the six years since its inception? What has helped steer the success of the company?

Using the leadership model that we designed, the company has grown from only three leaders to 30 leaders in 2016. And out of this number, more than 20 leaders or negotiators qualified for our Europe Trip. As we focus on building leaders, we designed a PPAP training which consists of four modules to support the team to boost behavioural and sales performance: 1) Commitment 2) Success Attitude 3) Skills 4) knowledge. Based on the above principles, we monitor and conduct a weekly meeting to review the progress towards our goal this year.

PropLeague’s motto; “Everyone is A Real Estate Investor” shows that the company takes staff development very seriously. What are some of the company’s efforts in guiding its employees towards excellence?

We believe that everyone can turn real estate investment into a career. The fact is, real estate is a low capital, high income career investment. With the right strategy, you can boost your income up to six figures. As an investment, it is a low risk, high return financial tool. Thus, with sufficient savings and a monthly income that qualifies you for a loan, you can use property investment as a tool to increase personal wealth by way of rental yield and capital gain within the commitment level. This is the reason we encourage and motivate our team to invest. We have created passive and recurring income together over the last three years.

Which market sub-sector is the company focusing on at the moment and what are your short-term plans to take PropLeague to the next level of success?

The property market is on a down trend this year. There is more supply than demand in both secondary market and project market. Thus, the pricing remains relatively low and the buyers are actively seeking for potential properties. Based on this market condition, company will focus on those highly transacted secondary market such as Mont Kiara, KLCC and KL centre, Ara Damansara, PJ, Subang, Sunway and Cheras.

On the other hand, corporate companies are also seeking for potential projects that are located in strategic location with good rental yield. Our company diversifies our sales proportion into 60% secondary market and 40% project sales. In addition, PropLeague has also founded Synergiem Holding Bhd; We collaborate and work together to achieve better sales performance and to show commitment to the developer in return of better agency fee for company and negotiators.

In a nutshell, we focus on both secondary market and project sales. And for now, our goal is to produce as many as qualifiers to the Hokkaido trip next year to create more memorable moments together.


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