Prince’s Paisley Park Estate Will Open As a Museum

Prince’s Paisley Park Estate Will Open As a Museum

The fate of the late Prince Rogers Nelson’s home has been the subject of legal proceedings as he did not write a will before he died.

Paisley Park studios. Picture: Creative Commons/Nick Scribner

The late singer’s estate is managed by special administrators at the Bremer Trust who, along with the family, have made an operating agreement with Graceland Holdings.

Graceland Holdings have run tours of the estate of Elvis Presley since 1982.

Tickets for Paisley Park tours will go on sale later today even though the city is yet to formally approve the plan to rezone the property as a museum.

Paisley Park is a 6038sqm estate with recording studios, and was Prince’s home from the late 1980s until his death in April. It houses thousands of items from his personal archives including clothing, cars, video footage, awards and instruments.

It is also home to a vault of music the singer created but did not release during his lifetime.

The white exterior of the home would light up purple when the singer was at home:

The company that will operate the museum at Paisley Park run tours of Elvis’ estate & permanent resting place at Graceland. Picture: Creative Commons/ Lindsey Turner – Flickr

Prince had planned to open the estate up to the public, according to his sister.

“Opening Paisley Park is something that Prince always wanted to do and was actively working on,” Tyka Nelson said in a statement. 

“Only a few hundred people have had the rare opportunity to tour the estate during his lifetime. Now, fans from around the world will be able to experience Prince’s world for the first time as we open the doors to this incredible place,” she said.

In early August, the Bremer Trust had asked a judge for permission to sell up to 20 other properties owned by the star.

Fans had initially feared Paisley Park and the house which appeared in the 1984 film Purple Rain might also be sold, but the trust appears keen to retain those properties.

The city of Chanhassen will formally consider the application to rezone Paisley Park at special meetings in late September and early October and the local mayor says the plans for the museum honour the singer’s wishes.

There are predictions that the property could attract up to 2,000 visitors a day during summer’s peak tourist season.

The tours will include access to the recording studios, rehearsal spaces and video suites on the complex’s main floor and tickets will start from $US38.50 for standard entry up to $US100 for VIPs.

In accordance with the late singer’s own diet, the food on offer to visitors will be vegetarian.


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