PKB plans to build PR1MA affordable homes In Kampong Bharu

PKB plans to build PR1MA affordable homes In Kampong Bharu

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 10 — Kampung Bharu will undergo a rebuilding phase with the construction of affordable PR1MA houses and better infrastructure for long term comfort.

Kampong Bharu Development Corporation (PKB) chairman Datuk Affency Zahari said certain areas in Kampung Bharu could be developed and redeveloped. He said plans to improve its infrastructure included expanding five entry routes and constructing the Duke 2 Highway and the Mass Rapid Transit station in the area.

“As such, we have asked the government to approve the construction of the Duke 2 Highway which will connect directly to Kampong Bharu,” he told a media conference after a programme with next-of-kin (Settlement Of Issue On Distribution of Small Inherited Property) at the PKB headquarters, here, today.

Affandy said some places were seen suitable for siting affordable PR1MA homes measuring 800 square feet each with three bedrooms and two bathrooms and costing RM300,000.

“We have several plans for facilities and providing comfort but the land in Kampung Bharu is not owned by PKB, we cannot force the owners or next-of-kins.

“What we can do in certain zones, is to help the owners or next-of-kins to decide on areas which can be developed according to their desires, and dealing with developers,” he said.

Affendy said PKB only had two personnel to locate the owners and next-of-kins, and had applied for additional allocation to expand its mobile team. A total 1,200 hectares of land had been gazetted by the government in May under the administration of PKB to help handle 1,355 lots of land there.

And, to date, PKB had tracked 5,300 registered owners of the lots and the number is expected to go up. Twenty legitimate next-of-kins of the 30 next-of-kins for Lot 50, Kampong Pindah, Kampong Bharu attended the programme.

To date, PKB had solved the problems of 10 lots of land. However, Affandy stressed that not all lots had problems.