Pengerang is Poised to Be Catalyst For East Johor Corridor Development

Pengerang is Poised to Be Catalyst For East Johor Corridor Development

KOTA TINGGI, Jan 16 — The projects in Pengerang are seen as the catalyst for the development of east Johor Corridor, making it the new growth area for the state.

Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said Pengerang could be the beginning of the development of east Johor as an important economic area with global interests.

“Positioning Pengerang in the east Johor Corridor will create a balanced development in the state, thus preventing the occurence of uneven development,” he said in his speech at the launch of the Pengerang Local Authority in Bandar Penawar near here, today.

Mohamed Khaled said the coastal areas in east Johor had yet to be developed on a large scale and he was confident much more economic benefits could be generated if the areas were developed.

“Pengerang must become the region’s new growth area and the Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex (PIPC) is the starting point. It should be the catalyst to boost the economic potential of east Johor,” he said.

Meanwhile, in a press conference, he said the Pengerang Local Authority, which is under the responsibility of Johor Corporation, would be able to plan and determine the direction and implementation that are good for Pengerang.

“It is the 16th local authority in Johor and the second to be governed by Johor Corporation after the Pasir Gudang Local Authorty. It will administer an area of 128.83 hectares including the PIPC,” he added.