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Penang City Council urged to inspect a collapsed retaining wall


Penang City Council urged to inspect a collapsed retaining wall

November 14, GEORGETOWN – Citizens Awareness Chant (Chant) Group today urged the Penang City Council (MBPP) to do a proper check and protection of the collapsed retaining wall and a road for a new row of houses in Taman Ratu, Tanjung Bungah.

Its advisor Yan Lee claimed that there had been no protection since the retaining wall failure which caused a sinkhole after a road leading to a newly-built housing area collapsed early Sunday morning due to continuous rain since Nov 4.

“A barricade should be formed to cut off the area from the public. I went there yesterday and saw that nothing had been done yet. People who go there actually can climb down and they can touch the retaining wall…it is so dangerous.

“Geotextile is not used. We do not see any geotextile protecting the collapsed structure. Residents near the area are very concerned about their safety,” he told reporters, here.

He said MBPP must also declare that the two condominiums, Surin Condominium and Straits Regency, near the area are safe in the interest of the residents.

Yan Lee also questioned why MBPP had declared the area as safe while comprehensive inspection and safety measures had not been implemented.

“They (MBPP) have to make observation and do inspection of the two condominiums. Do mitigation work to make sure this area is safe. They have to carry out all the above within 14 days,” he said.

Yan Lee said the developer of the Taman Ratu project should look into employing foreign consultants experienced in the area of assuring safety for this type off projects to bolster its team as safety of the workers and others was paramount.

“A responsible developer will also make sure that all the parties who are injured or have suffered losses in this misadventure be taken care of to the best of its ability.

“A responsible developer will not shirk its responsibilities, the mishap has occurred and he will take responsibility of it,” he said.


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