Opening up new investment & professional opportunities with S.E.E.K.


10 February, Petaling Jaya – Economic uncertainty in the wake of the pandemic has left many seeking for opportunities on new frontiers. Understanding this and in collaboration with SEGi University & Colleges as well as Smart Asset Marketing (SAM) has rolled out S.E.E.K. to offer aspiring individuals an opportunity to advance professionally and to diversify their investment.

S.E.E.K., which stands for Status, Education, Exclusivity and Knowledge, represents an exclusive upgrading and upskilling opportunity for business professionals, property investors and individuals keen in the real estate business. On 10th February 2021, representatives of SAM have come together to sign a Memorandum of Agreement to kick start this avenue to fulfil the desires of forward-looking professionals.

S.E.E.K. is created to fulfil the career goal of professional who wishes to be the mover and shaker, the creator and innovator, the top salesperson and entrepreneur of the business world. Anyone who yearns to be a high-achiever with high status and success will find S.E.E.K. one of the most ideal and constructive avenues to attain his or her lifelong ambitions.

The main offering of S.E.E.K. is REAL – Real Estate Affirmative Learning, a set of property-related educational programmes by SEGi University & Colleges and certified by both SEGi University & Colleges as well as by World Accreditation Limited. There are 6 available programmes under REAL, namely the Executive Programme in Property Sales and Marketing, Executive Programme in Real Estate Investments and Professional Diploma in Real Estate Branding & Digital Marketing. Also include in the series are the Executive Bachelor in Business Administration, Executive Bachelor in Real Estate Investment as well as Executive MBA in Estate Management.

The duration of these educational programmes are from 3 to 9 months depending on the selected programme. The courses are conducted online and the learning process are supported by videos. These home-based courses are convenient and accommodating to the schedules of working adults, hence fulfilling their work-study balance. Certificate-seekers can also expect dedicated lecturers and sufficient peers support.

REAL programmes are essential for individuals to gain valuable business knowledge, to develop practical skills and to go further in his or her career in the property sector. Through these programmes, the individual could learn the latest property insights and understand the know-hows of real estate business. This will make the individual stands out and has an edge over the others in the property field.

Another offering of S.E.E.K. is the privilege to be an exclusive member of SAM’s investment club. As a member, the individual will get to enjoy property purchase incentives and other education rebates.

The main takeaway about S.E.E.K. is its capacity to offer in-depth and effective knowledge to aspiring professionals who constantly seek to upskill and upgrade their business and investment knowledge in the property field. Through S.E.E.K., the individual can get to elevate his or her professional status, attain educational knowhows, obtain member-exclusive benefits and valuable business knowledge. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Interested individuals can contact Smart Asset Management PLT at 018-952 1818 or email to