Only six affordable houses built in Kulai

Only six affordable houses built in Kulai

KULAI, Dec 28: Kulai Municipal Council (MPK) only managed to complete six units of affordable houses this year due to land conversion issues with the developer.

Its president, Abdul Rahman Salleh, however, said that 2,700 units are expected to be completed next year.

Some 3,692 people have applied for affordable homes in Kulai which cost below RM200,000 per unit.

“There were some issues which needed to be sorted out this year, but we will be on track next year,” he said today.

Meanwhile, he said the council lost about RM1.1 million in revenue with the revoking of 516 temporary licenses of industries and traders.

He said they had to revoke the licenses due to non-compliance with the council’s regulations or did not adhere to laws related to the environment.

He added the move to revoke the licenses also showed the council’s initiative in taking action against those breaking the law, especially, those who cause water and air pollution.

He said some of the industries which were given temporary licenses to operate for between three to six months had to be revoked as they did not comply with the law.

“There were some who operated on agriculture land, some processed used electrical goods without proper facilities and some even did not have in place a proper – system for the discharge of waste, including oil waste which were illegally discharged into Sungai Johor causing water pollution,” he added.

Abdul Rahman said the council has collected RM77million in revenue for this year.