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Modern day shopping convenience


23 April, KUALA LUMPUR – Platinum Victory‘s newly opened 7.4-acre commercial and social hub, The Palette by Platinum Victory is touted for putting sustainability at the forefront, to create a bigger and positive impact on the environment for a better future. Following which, it is introducing its Curbside Pick-Up @ The Palette service, focusing largely on providing patrons with a renewed shopping experience, and ensure convenience and safety.

Borrowing its inspiration from various innovative modes of drive-thru shopping and food takeaway practices adopted in Malaysia, The Palette by Platinum Victory is realising this contemporary practice on its grounds as a seamless and convenient move so that patrons need not leave the comfort of their car.

Gan Yee Hin, Executive Director of Platinum Victory commented, “Taking the best of current practices for a refreshingly practical retail experience for our customers, we are planning ahead to instil ‘new normal’ practices that most Malaysians are currently adopting in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we are anticipating businesses and customers to continue practising social distancing and other safety precautions even after the current situation, we are taking the first steps to embrace this current ‘curbside pick-up’ concept as a better alternative than in-store pick-ups, if more preferred. This concept works especially well for those seeking convenience and time-saving options when shopping at The Palette by Platinum Victory.”

“We see this curbside pick-up option working favourably at an opportune time, whether for grocery shopping or food takeaways, which also provides both our operators and customers with convenience and business opportunities for a safer community,” he added.

Two of The Palette by Platinum Victory’s major anchor tenants are already adopting this concept, mainly McDonald’s, via drive-thru and McDelivery services, and the other being AEON BiG who has recently implemented their ‘Drive-Through’ services – both of which serve to exercise social distancing and reduce mass contact.

As an open-concept retail space with plentiful parking bays, this curbside pick-up concept is here to stay to provide seamless and convenient shopping and food takeaway experiences. The three key objectives of the concept are as such:

  • Convenient alternative to grocery shopping and meal takeaways
  • Encourages social distancing and provides ease of mind
  • Time-saving without the need for long queues

Customers will find it delightfully easy to pick-up their groceries or meals in a few simple steps. All they have to do is simply place their order in advance (by phone or through online, depending on the respective outlets) and then book a pick-up slot with the intended outlet. Certain personal details such as name, car registration plate and other information will be required, and customers will be directed to the designated pick-up location.

At the time of pick-up, customers will need to drive to the drive-thru counter to pay (if customers prefer contactless payment on the spot), before collecting their items from the pick-up point. In three easy steps, customers can enjoy a smarter and more convenient way to shop and eat.

  • Step 1: Place order and book a pick-up slot
  • Step 2: Drive-thru to pay at counter
  • Step 3: Collect items!

Apart from its anchor tenants offering a practical solution during this Movement Control Order (MCO) and beyond for shoppers’ convenience, this service is currently also provided by Good Luck Kopitiam. Other tenants will gradually move to adopting the ‘Curbside Pick-Up @ The Palette’ concept in different stages in the near future.

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*All details are accurate at the time of writing. For the latest updates, refer to the respective restaurants on curbside pick-up services.

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