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Melaka provides most affordable homes in terms of pricing


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23 April, KUALA LUMPUR – Melaka has been recognised as the state which provides the most affordable housing in terms of pricing, said chief minister, Idris Haron.

For example, an affordable house in Melaka costs only RM80,000, compared with one of the northern states where the price is RM240,000.

If the price was RM120,000 in Melaka, the same house would cost RM470,000 in that state, while RM250,000 houses would cost RM700,000, he said in an interview on the states housing programme, the excerpts of which were issued in a statement today.

As such, Khazanah Research Institute together with the World Bank have categorised Melaka as the most affordable housing provider in the country in a report entitled, Demystifying Affordable Housing Issue in Malaysia 2017, Idris said.

In view of this, the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development undertook a study and found that families were the most happy in Melaka.

In the Family Well-Being Index Malaysia by the National Population and Family Development Board, Melaka was regarded as the most family well-being state in the country with a high score of 8.2810, Idris said.

The Chief Minister opined that family well-being would lead to better neighbourliness which in turn would bring about the well-being of the state and country as well.

We have planned to build 58,000 affordable housing units in Melaka, of which 38,000 have been completed and others still in the construction stage, he said.

He also said there were various housing programmes in Melaka, with the most attractive being the people-friendly homes, housing for public sector employees, MGOHOME Melaka Government Officers Home, as well as larger houses sold at prices that commensurate with the housing loan facilities for government officers.

This is to attract government officers to own such houses as well as medium-cost units and luxury houses.

The people are happy getting better houses where the prices of the Peoples Housing Project (PPR) range from RM42,000 to RM249,000 for units of 800 sq ft with three bedrooms and two bathrooms to 1,500 sq ft, Idris said.

He said the government had also allocated RM2.8 million to repair dilapidated houses so that no one group was marginalised or left out of the states housing programme.

He said the Melaka Housing Board uses its surplus funds and profits to repair such houses in the kampungs, which go a long way to improving the peoples welfare.

Homeowners don’t have to pay for the repairs as the people deserve the funds, Idris added.


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