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Mah Sing releases hilarious Dee-Pun-Vali video

Mah Sing releases hilarious Dee-Pun-Vali video

13 October 2017, Kuala Lumpur – Mah Sing Group (Mah Sing) is spreading joy and laughter this Deepavali with a hilarious ‘Dee-Pun-Vali’ video. The video shows a ‘bad-jokes’ battle between team Mah Sing and local comedians Prakash Daniel and Harvinth Skin. The video was released on Mah Sing’s Facebook page and YouTube channel today.

Mah Sing’s Group Managing Director, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Leong Hoy Kum said “Deepavali, the festival of lights is when we celebrate new beginnings, the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness and now with our Dee-Pun-Vali video, laughter over boredom. 

“This video was a passion project planned out and executed by our in-house Mah Sing team. We wanted to take a humorous approach when we developed this video as humour is accepted by all ages and backgrounds. I hope all Malaysians watch this video and spread the laughter this Deepavali. From all of us at Mah Sing, we would like to wish all Hindus and Sikhs Happy Deepavali!” shared Tan Sri’ Dato Sri Leong Hoy Kum. 

So Bad.. It’s Good – Bad Jokes Battle Showcases the humourous side of the Indian culture
Mah Sing ‘Dee-Pun-Vali’ is a creative effort that aims to showcase the lighter side of the Indian culture. The video starts off pitting two teams against each other in a bad-jokes show-off. The team that manages to hold in their laughter throughout the duel would be crowned winner. Team Mah Sing was represented by Vijaydran and Sheena Raja Bahadur while their opposition was team Comedian represented by Prakash Daniel and Harvinth Skin. 

The first round had each team tell their opposing number bad jokes or ‘puns’ which are tied to the Indian culture or Deepavali. Vijaydran was pitted against Prakash Daniel and Sheena was up against Harvinth Skin in one-on-one bouts.

The second round, titled ‘If Rock Bands Had Indian Names’  was an even bigger laugh fest as the teams were read out the names of famous international rock bands who have had their band names changed to sound more Indian, such as ‘Lingam Park’ and ‘My Capati Romance’.  

Team Mah Sing emerged the victors after the 2 rounds, as they managed to keep their cool better than the other team. The bad-jokes battle was a light hearted affair, as both team Mah Sing and team Comedian were in high spirits throwing puns at each other. The video ends with Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Leong Hoy Kum, Mah Sing’s Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Ho Hon Sang and a cast of the Mah Sing team wishing everyone Happy Deepavali. 

Prakash Daniel and Harvinth Skin Add Their Sense of Humour to Mah Sing ‘Dee-Pun-Vali’ Video
Mah Sing’s Dee-Pun-Vali video had two notable comedians pitting their wits against team Mah Sing. Prakash Daniel and Harvinth Skin are both Malaysian comedians who are among the best in their profession. 

Prakash Daniel, is a stand-up comedian known for his quirky sense of humour and equally iconic beard. He is among the most recognisable figures in comedy circles and one of the most in demand stand-up comedians in KL today.

Harvinth Skin is a popular You Tube star who is widely known for his You Tube Channel, SkinTv. Since he began his You Tube channel he has continued to amass a large fanbase and his popularity continues to grow in the Malaysian comedy circuit. 

Mah Sing’s Star Avenue Lifestyle Mall to Be Decked Out This Deepavali With 15-Foot ‘Peacock Of Light’ As Its Main Centerpiece 
In conjunction with the Festival of Lights, Star Avenue Lifestyle Mall will be decking out its concourse with stunning Deepavali décor, with the highlight being a 15-foot ‘Peacock of Light’ display. The beautiful Peacock display will be on show in Star Avenue from 12th October onwards and visitors are encouraged to come and take pictures with one of the biggest centerpieces in town celebrating the Festival of Lights.   

There will also be numerous activities taking place during the Deepavali celebrations such as a Candle Holder Making Workshop (13th to 22nd October) as well as Zumba classes with Indian dance choreography (14th and 22nd October) and a special Bollywood Dance Performance (15th and 21st October), both courtesy of Enrich Fitness, 

Visitors will be able to redeem a set of 2 limited edition candle holders when they spend a minimum of RM150 in 2 accumulated receipts on the same day.

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