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Mah Sing: Government’s RM250bil Prihatin Stimulus Package will help the masses and SMEs cope


Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Leong Hoy Kum, Mah Sing’s Founder & Group Managing Director

In a recent media statement, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Leong Hoy Kum, Mah Sing’s Founder & Group Managing Director said that the government’s RM250billion Prihatin Stimulus Package is a decisive and substantial one. Most importantly, it ensures the vulnerable sectors i.e. the B40, the mass M40 and SMEs gets immediate cash injection. This ensures Malaysians still have a roof over their head, food on their tables and a job to get back to after the MCO. 

With the measures introduced, the developer hopes that this will serve as an aid to ease the Rakyat’s burden, preserve jobs, protect businesses and enable the economy to continue to function.

“It is important to ensure people don’t get laid off and can continue to have incomes to take care of their families, and that SMES are still able to continue operations,” said Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Leong Hoy Kum.

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Mah Sing is also appreciative of the government’s move to support front liners and hospitals who are keeping the rakyat safe by putting their lives on the line on a daily basis. The RM500 million allocation to the Health Ministry and the additional RM200 special allowance to the front liners will provide great assistance for them in support of the fight against this pandemic. 

Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Leong Hoy Kum added, “We are particularly pleased to see that all projects allocated in the 2020 Budget will continue to be implemented. Large infrastructure projects like MRT2, LRT3, ECRL, SSER and others are important and is in line with the Government’s focus on ensuring sustainable economic growth. This will create a multiplier effect – businesses need people to spend, for them to improve their cash flow and to invest to drive the economy.”

The developer hopes to see more measures from the government for businesses beyond the SME sector.  This is especially important for industries, which have multiplier effects on various other sectors, thus creating even more economic impact. Mah Sing also commends the many acts of kindness and support from the people especially front liners and volunteers, corporates which have stepped up to help and also the nations’ leaders leading by example, where the Malaysian Cabinet are donating two-months of their salary to the Covid-19 fund.  

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