Kuantan Port Authority and Orion Mining Sdn Bhd to build tallest building in Kuantan

Kuantan Port Authority and Orion Mining Sdn Bhd to build tallest building in Kuantan

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 17: Kuantan’s skyline is set to witness a change with a string of ambitious projects costing almost RM4.5 billion being lined up to develop the Kuantan Port City.

The KP Orion Tower, which will be the highest iconic building in the city upon completion, tentatively in 2½ years time, is said to cost more than RM464 million.

The project, which sprung from the strategic alliance between the Kuantan Port Authority and Orion Mining Sdn Bhd, will house a four-star hotel, office spaces, penthouse, shopping outlets, a floating restaurant, a marina club house and a courtyard.

The building, which has close to 30 floors, will be situated next to the Kuantan Port, in an area covering up to 40,000 sq m.

Orion Mining director Joanna Mary Chin, said the development will open up more employment opportunities.

Piling works for the tower have begun, and construction is also due to commence soon.

The Kuantan Port City project, on the other hand, will cost around RM3 billion, which also includes the expansion of the Kuantan Port.

The breakwater, which is under construction, will be the world’s longest spanning over 4.7km and would cost RM1 billion.

Kuantan Port Authorities chairman, Tengku Azlan Sultan Abu Bakar said the port will be a commercial-cum-tourism hub.

“You will find a lot of people from Kelantan and Terengganu, going down to Kuantan for shopping, and we can turn this area as a shopping hub for them, and there will be a lot of economic activities,” he said.

The entire East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, not just Pahang, is set to flourish from this project.

He hopes the relevant authorities and community will extend their cooperation in making this project a success.


Image Caption: From left: Orion Mining CFO Brian Lee, Chin, Tengku Azlan and Orion Mining senior consultant Datuk Tony De Silva at the signing ceremony in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.