Johor REHDA hopes for faster release of unsold Bumi quota houses



13 December, JOHOR BAHRU – The Johor chapter of the Real Estate and Housing Developers Association Malaysia (REHDA) has called for a faster mechanism to release unsold Bumiputera quota houses to enable developers to help the state government build 100,000 affordable homes by 2023.

The Johor state government plans to build 100,000 affordable homes under the Rumah Mampu Biaya (RMB) scheme over the next five years.

In a joint statement by its committee members, Johor REHDA said there was a need for a clear and easy implementation checklist for the release of unsold Bumiputera quota units.

This stock of unsold units is not beneficial to the government nor developers.

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It is crucial that these unsold units be released and open for sale to generate income to the government in terms of tax revenue, quit rent and assessment, as well as to allow ownership for those in need of a home, said the statement, adding that the move would be vital to avoid vandalism to the unsold houses.

Johor REHDA hopes that the updated policies will minimise the bureaucracy of releasing unsold Bumiputera houses which is pertinent to help maintain developers cash flow.

The association, with more than 140 registered housing developers in Johor, also pledged its support to the state government in providing adequate housing to the people.

Johor REHDA hopes that all stakeholders will work together to find ways to reduce the input costs of construction, in particular the compliance cost to enable property prices to be further reduced in line with the government’s intention to lower the housing price for the people, the statement said.

Based on the state government’s statistics, there are 5,998 units of unsold properties valued at RM3.8 billion in Johor.