IJM Land hosts Family Fun Day at Bandar Rimbayu

 IJM Land hosts Family Fun Day at Bandar Rimbayu

KOTA KEMUNING, 21 February 2016 – IJM LAND invited young and old to Together-gather Big Fun Day at The Arc, Bandar Rimbayu on Sunday to engage in playful activities that bring families closer together.

The free admission event successfully attracted a big crowd as children, young adults and their families took part in one of the many open-air activities provided such as water zorb ball, air shooter, bumper boats, fish scooping and other water related games that promised to cool on a hot day. The Kids Colouring Contest for children from 4-12 years rewarded the loveliest creations put on paper by the youngest attendees. Other activities such as an urban picnic, food trucks, a traditional lion dance on stilts performance and Chinese acrobatic shows were present during the day for those who wanted to take on things with a little bit less action.

Astro Stars Apple, Jiang Han, Sharon and Uriah also participated in the event and entertained the interested crowd with live music and games on stage for the audience to participate in. Together with Malaysian actress Sharifah Sofia, who attended the Big Fun Day together with her daughters, they brought an extra element of excitement and glitz to the show.

Susan Teh, Sales and marketing manager at Bandar Rimbayu said: “Big Fun Day is all about bringing your family and friends together for a wonderful shared experience and celebration. It offers a golden opportunity for all of us to get to know each other among Bandar Rimbayu’s neighbourhood, no matter if you already are a homeowner, plan on becoming one or just want to have a great time with your loved ones. This community puts an emphasis on togetherness and unity, important key ingredients to a happy life. That’s why we don’t only want to build houses, we want to build a community and neighbourhood where people become friends.”

Sharifah Sofia spent some precious time with her daughters Ameera and Ariana and she explained: “Family is my priority. I have been blessed with two amazing girls who I wish nothing but the best for and I try to spend as much time with them as possible. Seeing them full of joy on the Big Fun Day running around and playing with other kids reminds me of my own childhood. It’s exciting to see IJM LAND’s Bandar Rimbayu takes the initiative to organize such a fun and meaningful outing for families like us.”

IJM LAND’s Bandar Rimbayu Together-gather Big Fun Day successfully reached its goal of bringing friends and families together to engage in exciting activities, increasing the awareness of spending quality time outdoors in order to ensure a healthy development, especially for kids.