First community bicycle sharing programme in Sunsuria City

First community bicycle sharing programme in Sunsuria City

Sunsuria City, 19 August: Sunsuria Berhad will be introducing a Bicycle Sharing Programme in its flagship development Sunsuria City, a 525-acre freehold integrated township. Sunsuria City has an estimated gross development value (GDV) of RM10 billion and it embodies three key guiding principles: Smart, Livable and Sustainable. The first community Bicycle Sharing Programme is also in line with Sunsuria City’s key principles that aim to build a low carbon and green township.

To make this Bicycle Sharing Programme a reality, Sunsuria via its subsidiaries,namely Sunsuria City Sdn Bhd (“SCSB”) and Sunsuria Gateway Sdn Bhd (“SGSB”), has formed a private company under the name of Sunsuria Oride Sdn Bhd (“SOSB”) and Oride (M) Sdn Bhd (“Oride”) have agreed to participate with 30% interest into SOSB to carry on the joint venture business, whereby Oride will be an exclusive partnership with Sunsuria in the Bicycle Sharing Programme.

Koong Wai Seng, Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of Sunsuria, and Harry Wong, CEO of Oride, signed the joint venture to deliver the promise of a healthier and eco-friendly lifestyle that embraces innovation and community interaction. The Sunsuria Oride Bicycle Sharing Programme allows users to rent bicycles from designated bicycle stations. The programme also includes modern bicycle locking devices, site controllers, public bicycles and a smart control management system. This system records bicycle rental transactions, availability status and user’s information.

SOSB will also be launching a mobile application with self-rent services in the future. This mobile application will provide information such as daily consumption information, online directory as well as other value-added services. As for the bicycles, they are made of highly durable and corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy with 24” frame wheels. The Bicycle Sharing Programme will be rolled out with the introduction of bicycle-friendly and pedestrian-friendly walkways across key components of Sunsuria City, starting from Xiamen University Malaysia to the Express Rail Link Salak Tinggi train station.

With plans to expand the bicycle stations across the entire township, dedicated and special bicycle lanes will be built to help promote a healthier lifestyle in Sunsuria City. With this in place, Sunsuria hopes to reduce the need for personal vehicle trips and to encourage the habit of cycling within the community. In conjunction with this event, SOSB also signed a Memorandum of Collaboration with Xiamen University Malaysia (“XMUM”) for establishing the Sunsuria Bicycle Sharing station at the East Entrance of the XMUM. Present at the signing were Professor Zhang to of XMUM and Koong Wai Seng of Sunsuria.