Feng Shui talk at TAMANSARI

Feng Shui talk at TAMANSARI

Master Lee, a well-known Feng Shui master from Taiwan recently visited TAMANSARI, Rawang to give a talk on inviting good fortune in your homes and also shared tips on how to optimize a smooth, strong and clear energy flow within the household.

A project by BRDB Developments Sdn Bhd, TAMANSARI, Rawang is a freehold, gated and guarded, integrated township composed on undulating terrain surrounded by lush greenery. Composing of the right yin and yang, TAMANSARI has been built with the right elements, and a smooth energy flow is prevalent between the lush greenery, pockets parks and beautifully designed homes.

Master Lee emphasised that the best foundation for a land to be built on, should have lots of vegetation, and not a swampy area for it to thrive accordingly. Shapes are also equally important for good fortune to come your way, thus a round shape signifies gold and wealth, square represents prosperity and rectangular signifies longevity.

TAMANSARI’s lakeside commercial hub consists of an international school, retail shops, offices, clinics, educational facilities and other amenities at your personal convenience. For more information, visit www.tamansariBRDB.com.my or call (603) 2727 7550.