Eco World foundation rewards UPSR and PT3 2018 top scorers


26 January, Penang – The Eco World Foundation held its 2018 Excellence Awards Ceremony today at the EcoWorld Gallery @ Eco Horizon to celebrate the success of top-scoring students under its Students Aid Programme (SAP) in the 2018 UPSR and PT3 examinations. This is the third of four (4) such ceremonies scheduled for this year in the Central, Southern, Northern and Eastern (Sabah) regions.

At the ceremony, Eco World Foundation Trustee Tan Sri Mohd Radzi bin Sheikh Ahmad commended the tremendous effort and focus invested by the thirty-three (33) UPSR students and five (5) PT3 students which have resulted in their excellent performance.

Five (5) UPSR students received awards in the Excellence Awards category; sixteen (16) UPSR students and three (3) PT3 student received awards in the Outstanding Awards category; and twelve (12) UPSR and two (2) PT3 students received awards in the Most Improved Awards category.

The UPSR students also received a Malay-English dictionary each and copies of a motivational book titled “A+B=C Attitude + Behaviour = Character” along with cash prizes of RM200, RM150 and RM100, according to the categories. The PT3 students received cash prizes of RM500, RM400 and RM250, according to the categories.

Nine (9) teachers from the Northern zone were presented with the special Teachers’ Awards in recognition of their commitment in guiding the students towards academic excellence. SJK(C) Li Tek A, Penang received the Best School Award which comes with a cash prize of RM10,000.

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This year, the Foundation introduced a new award category – the Eco World Foundation Award – to honour the school that shows the highest commitment towards the SAP. Two schools in Perlis received this inaugural award which comes with a cash prize of RM8,000.00 i.e. Sekolah Kebangsaan Kuala Perlis and SJK(C) Khoon Aik.

“The UPSR and PT3 Excellence Awards are held annually to reward and recognise the students for working hard to overcome the odds and excel in their UPSR and PT3 exams. We are proud of their achievements, and this spurs the Foundation further in its commitment to providing access to education for those in need,” said Radzi.

Radzi also said that the main focus of the Eco World Foundation is to render assistance to students in need and provide them the opportunity of a brighter future regardless of race or creed.

The SAP takes a holistic approach in providing for each student’s educational needs, from equipping them for the new school year and arranging meals in schools, to paying their school and tuition fees. Students from primary and secondary school levels receive financial assistance of between RM1,000 to RM1,500 per year whereas tertiary level students receive between RM5,000 to RM20,000, depending on their courses.

Radzi said that through the SAP, the Foundation has so far helped fifty-nine (59) students pursue tertiary education. Twenty (20) of the tertiary level students have graduated with degrees from institutions of higher learning and have joined the workforce while the remaining thirty-nine (39) students are currently pursuing their studies in local universities.

As part of the SAP, the Eco World Foundation also provides motivation and support to both students and their parents. UPSR Motivational Camps are organised for students to prepare themselves mentally for their examinations. Parents are invited to attend dialogue sessions to help them cope with the stress of raising a family and learn to encourage their children in their pursuit of education. At these sessions, parents also have the opportunity to provide suggestions to fine-tune the Foundation’s programme.

Radzi said it was important to get the buy-in of parents to ensure the success of the SAP. “Parents are instrumental in a child’s development, and if we have their support, we are confident that we will be able to mould the children into future leaders,” he said.

Today’s awards ceremony was also attended by Eco World Foundation CEO Captain (R) Dato’ Liew Siong Sing and Eco North General Manager Chan Soo How.