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DK-MY Properties supports “Hiking” as a great activity to live better and increase productivity


Managing Director & Founder of DK Group, Mr Danny Koek.

24 February, KUALA LUMPUR – With the current pandemic, now more than ever, individuals of all ages are looking for a gateway to de-stress. Hiking is proven to have many health benefits, ranging from physical exercise you get when out on the trail, to emotional or mental relief that comes from being in nature.

Being in nature can boost your mood and improve mental health. Hence, spending quality time in the great outdoors reduces stress, calms anxiety and can lead to a lower risk of depression. One of the famous hidden away pocket of greenery hiking trails in Kuala Lumpur – Cheras Hill, a popular hiking trail among the local community and hikers especially in the early mornings, late afternoons and on weekends.

However, over the years, due to minimum maintenance work for the hiking trail and its surrounding of the natural landscape at Cheras Hill, soil erosion is apparent and has become a safety concern for the hikers and environment. Hence, DK-MY Properties will embark on this journey to preserve the overall greenery at Cheras Hill by introducing significant initiatives that will create a sustainable community park for multigeneration. The focus area to make Cheras Hill a community park consist of improving the safety, preserving biodiversity and create a more organised and caring experience for the hikers. With that being said, DK-MY Properties will take steps to further revitalise the existing facilities and amenities at Cheras Hill, install directional signages, upgrade the outlook of the huts and the overall natural flora and fauna.

READDK-MY Properties cares for the community and nature’s wellbeing

DK-MY Properties aims to improve the safety for hikers by beautifying the hiking trail that will provide a peace of mind for the community. This will be a value-added advantage for hikers of all ages to make Cheras Hill their choice of hiking destination whilst enjoy the surrounding nature reserves. By studying the natural topography of the land to merge seamlessly with the landscape to promote rehabilitation of the environment, DK-MY Properties hopes to preserve the biodiversity and improve the ecosystem at Cheras Hill.

Managing Director and Founder of DK Group, Danny Koek said “The green efforts are not in place just for today, as sustainability exists to preserve the land for future generations to come. We intend to organise and add value to the recreational experience to the community that are living within the vicinity of Cheras Hill and sustain the beauty of mother-nature has to offer without changing the terrain, allowing it to return to its natural state to encourage the spread of flora and fauna. “

DK-MY Properties future plans is to create sustainability programmes for the community which cater to all ages and hopes that these nature conservation project in place, it will be able to leave a positive and wholesome experience with minimal maintenance work to the community and ensure the land is in a better shape than it was previously.

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