Consumers Reveal Mobile Behaviour Trends

Consumers Reveal Mobile Behaviour Trends

Since its emergence, the internet has created a phenomenon. It has transformed the world into a place that is highly dependent on digital connections.

Today, almost anything and everything can be searched and purchased online, from groceries to the latest gadgets in town. This is no different in the property industry.

The way properties are sold and rented has also significantly changed. While the traditional means of finding for a property still exist, property buyers and investors are fast switching their property search preference to online.

After all, with just a click of a mouse, they are able to obtain information about the latest developments in town, the most up-to-date news and information and are no longer constrained by any boundaries. Property from any part of the world is now easily accessible.

As the leading property portal in Malaysia and as a company that adopts a mobile first approach, Malaysia ran a short survey online to gauge if mobile plays a significant role in the lives of property buyers and investors.

Gathering a total of 4,500 respondents, the survey found:

  • 92% of respondents access the internet directly from their mobile devices
  • 90% obtain property related information directly from their desktop computer/laptop and the search for property details, property photos and conduct custom searches – price, neighborhood, number of bedrooms and more.