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cair fresh: A washable paint that also cleans the air


16 March, SINGAPORE – Singapore-based start-up gush, an innovator of sustainable paints and advanced building materials has launched its new series of washable paints, cair fresh. In addition, gush is rebranding to a new slogan, “Clean Air In Your Favourite Colours”.

Founded in Mid-2017, gush is known for its flagship product, cair interior paint, which provides an all-round solution for a safer and healthier indoor environment. The cair fresh series is reformulated for easy removal of dirt and stains, while still enjoying cair’s air-purifying benefits.

Features of cair fresh

Air-purifying: Catalytic reactions break down toxic VOCs found within your spaces, including formaldehyde and benzene. Pollutants and unpleasant odours are turned safely into H₂O and CO₂. 

Fuss-free Freshness: Featuring high dirt tolerance and release for easy removal of marks and oil-based stains, cair fresh ensures that simple cleaning keeps walls looking as fresh as ever. 

Anti-moulding: Containing powerful anti-microbial agents, cair fresh inhibits growth of mould and fungal spores, stopping moulding from affecting one’s spaces and health.

 Anti-bacterial: Eliminates 99.9% of infection-causing bacteria, including E. Coli and S. Aureus. By puncturing the membrane upon contact, cair fresh causes bacteria cells to dehydrate and perish. 

VOC-free: cair fresh is non-toxic and contains zero VOCs. Key raw materials are

produced by pulverization, releasing less carbon dioxide than traditional manufacturing processes.

Odourless: cair fresh emits minimal odours, reducing the time needed for your spaces to be ventilated of any unpleasant or unsafe fumes. Besides a safer painting experience, cair fresh gives an interior environment that’s especially suitable for those sensitive to respiratory conditions, children and the elderly. 

Ryan Lim, CEO and Co-founder of gush, said, “The launch of cair fresh is another exciting step for gush –  towards our dream of creating a range of sustainable solutions that create safer, better environments for you and your loved ones. 

DID YOU KNOW: Bad air quality leads to asthma, allergies, decrease in cognitive abilities and has adverse long-term health effects. This is made worse by the fact that we spend, on average, 80% of our time indoors, and indoor air pollution is 3-5 times worse than outdoor.

Lester Leong, Co-founder of gush, said, “As gush paint cleans the air, you’ve got a safer space, and that means your lives changing for the better. Now, you’re less worried about air pollution. Or, you’re more assured that your allergies are less likely to act up. With the rebrand, we want people to start picturing the benefits of the cleaner, healthier home they will have if they use gush paint, and the different ways their day-to-day lives will be improved.”

gush’s rebranding is to show that its paint does more than just bring colour to a space. There will be a new visual presentation and new product design which will be present on the new cair fresh series. For gush, the ‘more’ it is offering is clean air, free of harmful pollutants, bacteria, mould, and odours. 

The rebranding campaign aims to: 

– Generate familiarity with, and spark curiosity about gush with a larger audience, while still focusing on new homeowners and new families. 

– Define the gush experience as one which ultimately leads customers to see paint differently. With gush, paint can empower you to care, by creating better living spaces for you and your loved ones. 

– Showcase gush’s brand identity as bold, fun and relatable, highlighting a dynamic, lifestyle-oriented version of the gush tagline: Live right, breathe right. 

To date, gush paints have been trusted to provide clean air in your favourite colours in more than 1000 residential and 60 commercial projects in Singapore and the region.

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