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Bon Estates: Going the Extra Mile to Provide Harmony and Balance


Bon Estates: Going the Extra Mile to Provide Harmony and Balance

(9th May 2017) – For developer Bön Estates Sdn Bhd, a commitment to delivering balance and harmony is enshrined in its very name. The word “Bön” refers to harmonious balance between key elements, and this principle forms the core of the company’s development ethos – which is to craft spaces that are holistic, coalescent and synergetic to provide a wholesome living environment.

Already, Bön Estates has dedicated considerable effort towards the creation of meaningful spaces and amenities at its flagship projects in South Bangsar, The Estate. From well-crafted private interior spaces to lushly manicured outdoor shared spaces, the project has been articulately sculptured to create a living environment that offers the luxury of quality time with loved ones while enjoying the best of inner-city living.

Now The Estate is going the extra mile by looking beyond physical attributes that fulfil its “Good Living” promise to also cater to the metaphysical desires of home seekers who are on a quest to find an ideal home.

Recognising the important role Feng Shui plays in the decision making process of many home seekers, Bön Estates has invited renowned master of metaphysic studies Dato’ Joey Yap to share his assessments and insights with valued customers of The Estate.

On Saturday May 13th, Yap will be at the Bön Estates Gallery along Jalan Penaga in Bangsar to not only speak about the fundamentals of Feng Shui and applying them in the choice of a home, but also offer insights into how well The Estate scores on that front in terms of its location and position.

In addition to a full report on the project’s Feng Shui score and the launch of his book on the metaphysical attributes of The Estate, Yap will be offering rare special consultations on units selections and the best choices that suit individuals.

“Dato’ Joey Yap is a celebrated Feng Shui practitioner and celebrated author with more than 167 books published globally, so it will be a real treat for our customers to receive Feng Shui advice from such an icon in the field,” said Bön Estates Managing Director Goh Soo Sing.

“We are extremely proud of the effort we have put into making The Estate an appealing lifestyle proposition. From the high quality materials used and the artistic approach we took in designing spaces, to the fact that we have also made it an energy efficient building, every element has been envisioned to bring emotive value to your home. Similarly, we value the importance of Feng Shui and the power of positive Qi to many buyers, as this too plays a crucial role in offering the lifestyle balance, comfort and peace of mind that many modern dwellers seek,” said Goh.

The Estate’s strong focus on “people” and the “intrinsic value” that should come with a modern address has already struck a resounding chord with affluent home buyers. The boutique high-rise project is already witnessing positive take-up following its official launch in March this year.

According to Bön Estates’ Marketing Director Angeline Liau, more than 60% of the units were rapidly snapped up after the launch and interest continues to escalate due to the project’s combined proposition of connected convenience, holistic living standards, healthy surroundings, spacious abodes and family-centric values.

“We really believe that ‘home is where the heart is’ and buyers appreciate and share this outlook,” Liau said, explaining The Estate’s success.

“By teaming up with a renowned personality such as Dato Joey Yap, we are extending our value-added services to our customer and potential buyers, and we hope that this will provide vital assistance to their decision-making process,” she said.

As a prelude, Liau revealed that The Estate has done extremely well on the Qi score card, as the choice of location and position of the building has ranked well in terms of luck, fortune and prominence, according to Yap’s assessment.

However, those who wish to know more will have to visit the Bön Estates Gallery this coming Saturday (May 13th at 3pm), where they can hear it from the Si Fu himself as well as treat themselves to an experiential tour of the development. Admission is free, but interested individuals are advised to secure a seat early by registering via .

“We are certainly fortunate that The Estate has attracted such positive Qi, but in a way, it also justifies the tremendous work we have put into seeking an ideal location and determining the right design elements to provide an address offers long-lasting appeal,” said Goh.

“Bön Estates is keen to share the good news, so we hope you all make the time to come visit us at the show gallery this coming weekend,” he added.

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