Andaman Property Management Sdn Bhd invests in staff grooming and social etiquette

Andaman Property Management Sdn Bhd invests in staff grooming and social etiquette

Kota Damansara, 17 December 2015 – Many of us object to being judged for employment based on how we look. We prefer to be hired because of our skills and abilities, and not just for our personal dressing and grooming. BUT like it or not, appearance IS important.

This is why Andaman made it a point to generously invest in their staff on grooming and social etiquette training. The first batch of employees, which consisted of 20 people, attended the 2-day training held at the Emage Academy Centre, Kota Damansara from 16  to 17 December 2015.

Andaman is known for rewarding their loyal buyers yearly with unlimited opportunities to high profiles seminars for their continuous support, nevertheless, Andaman also make it an importance on their staff as they are the biggest stakeholder; more so Andaman has just recently won the coveted accolade of – Best Employer of the Year in The Star “Outstanding Business Award 2015”.

“The employees are the ones who create and deliver the products or services that the customers consume. If we lose or antagonise our best employees then customer service will suffer so we need to look after them. If we want to attract and retain top talent at all levels then we have to offer terms and conditions that are attractive,” said Dato’ Sri Dr Vincent Tiew, Managing Director of Andaman Property Management Sdn Bhd who also attended the 2-day training programme.

The training module comprises of components for self and corporate branding. The attendees went  through unique and practical processes which allowed them to take action from their vision by overcoming barriers that inhibit their current image they hold themselves. The attendees had much to gain from the training session as they learnt the importance of looking the very best, how to behave and communicate well, thus  enhancing their self-image, poise, deportment, confidence level, social interaction and business skills.  Besides that, a make-over guidance session helped  them to understand the effectiveness of looking good.  

A finale show was held on the last day of training, where the staff were judged based on how much they have learnt during the 2-day programme on how to project a good personal image and social etiquette. The judges include Ms Carron Kho, Andaman’s recently crowned Miss Andaman World 2015 and Mr Wilson Tan, Malaysia Top Fashion Model.