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ADAPT Ventures to spearhead the success of digital innovation in real estate


December 18, KUALA LUMPUR – “Driving Digital Innovation In Real Estate,” is the motto for Asia Development and Property Technology (ADAPT) Ventures, the newest PropTech firm that is taking the real estate industry by a storm,

ADAPT’s mission is to supercharge entrepreneurs involved in PropTech regionally with platforms that link service providers to consumer groups within the property market. Apart from that, ADAPT hopes to bring improvements to the real estate industry through tech adoption and local-global partnership with industry leaders in the entire Real Estate vertical. It’s vision on the other hand, is making Malaysia the hub of the PropTech industry for the Asian region while creating a regional innovation hub, commercialization platform to attract investments and private equity, resource centre as well as creativity and knowledge playground for all regional real estate players to work in.

ADAPT’s main objectives are to increase the volume of investment in technology for property, increase inclusivity of all sectors within the industry and last but not least, create a positively disruptive impact in the real estate industry that will revolutionize the way we buy and sell property. Ultimately, ADAPT aims to play a colossal role in aiding the development of Asia’s property front through technology.

Christopher Tock, CEO of ADAPT said, “We truly believe that technology is the driving force by which mankind advances into the future. We know that, time and again, when we create new and revolutionary technology, we take a major step forward in the development of our society. History is littered with many examples of this; from the printing press to the industrial revolution right up to the internet, one does not need to dig deep to see just how much technology has done for us, and how much more connected we are because of it.”

“Real estate is no different,” Christopher continued, “The advancement in technology has changed every aspect of this industry, be it development, buying or selling. ADAPT was created with this in mind. We aim to be a platform that paves the path towards the application of PropTech in property development throughout Asia.”

In their first big act to impact the property industry, ADAPT Ventures has teamed up with the multi-award-winning international real estate and investment firm, IQI, and, leading technology accelerator WatchTower and Friends (WTF) to start their new initiative, ADAPT Accelerator.

ADAPT Accelerator is a program that engages the most knowledgeable players in the property technology industry in which they will share their experiences, discuss new technologies and act as mentors and teachers to their fellow real estate entrepreneurs in order to push their business toward modernization and success. In addition to this, the ADAPT Accelerator program will be mentored by advisors from IQI, WatchTower and Friends’ along with their mentors, iProperty Group as well as members of the Exsim Group.

Christopher Tock also said, “If we wish to move forward, then we must proceed together. The real estate industry is one that thrives on innovation and creativity. Through the ADAPT Accelerator, we will teach and learn from each other about new technology and the best practices through which businesses may advance and thus spearhead the modernization of the property industry as a whole.”

Kashif Ansari, Group CEO of IQI said, “The real estate industry is forever changing and evolving, and if we wish to stay ahead of the curve we must change and evolve with it. The army has the mentality of leaving no man behind and we are of the same mindset. We know what it is like to make a start with big dreams, and through this venture, we wish to arm our fellow entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools they will need to push forward and achieve their dreams.”

Sam Shafie, CEO of WTF said, “The property industry is poised to take a giant leap forward, propelling us into a new and exciting future. We all share the same vision of advancement and modernisation, and the best way to do that is by sharing the knowledge we have garnered with everyone. This venture is not just about presenting new ideas to the property industry, it is about launching it forward and taking that first step into a new technology lead era.”

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