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IJM Lands Pantai Sentral Park

KUALA LUMPUR – “In the 21st century, I think the heroes will be the people who will improve the quality of life, fight poverty and introduce more sustainability.” – Bertrand Piccard, Swiss psychiatrist.

Imagine living in a city filled with lush greenery, yet in the centre of the city, breathing in the fresh air of the forest within the vicinity of your own home. These are the perks that many do not have the privilege to experience living in the fast-paced world that we live in. With high rise buildings, traffic jams and pollution becoming the norm, the time has come to elevate the quality of one’s life. IJM Land’s Pantai Sentral Park, the award-winning integrated township, has come up with a solution to this and many can benefit from living in the best of both worlds.

Inwood Residences

With people living their lives surrounded by blocks of buildings with minimal sight of greenery, it dials down their spirit and turns their lives to grey. By residing in Pantai Sentral Park, one will experience an amazing transformation in everyday living as a 200-acre forest reserve is situated right next to the township. Holding tight to their principles, – People, Planet and Priority – the township has always emphasized on putting the people and the planet first through its innovative developments and steadfast approach in creating sustainable and modern homes.

Inwood Balcony View

By living next to a forest, there is an abundant amount of benefits that one can enjoy. As a first, one will be able to breathe the difference through nature’s God given air filter – trees. According to a research, one acre of trees can absorb 26,000 miles of carbon dioxide from car emissions over a year’s time. Evidently, trees help to trap pollutants that can damage human lungs. When living in Pantai Sentral Park, one can have peace of mind as this will no longer be a worry. Countries worldwide have realised how important it is to have trees and greenery and this can be seen through initiatives by the current shift of infrastructure in the US and India. This goes to show that Pantai Sentral Park is adhering to global changes in creating more living spaces near green infrastructures.

In addition, by living next to a forest reserve, one will be able to feel the difference through nature’s air-conditioning and mood enhancer. It was found that large shady trees can reduce local temperatures by 3 to 5 degrees Celsius. This was proven through the high concentrations of negative ions which can be found in the mountain forest which helps to reduce feelings of stress and exhaustion. The heat that we all face on a daily basis will be minimised when living in Pantai Sentral Park. Imagine living in a space, air conditioned by nature.

To put the cherry on top, one will be able to sense the difference through nature’s noise buster. Due to the surrounding 200-acre forest, noise from the urban environment will be absorbed and blocked and will help protect residents from noise that can have an array of effects on human health and productivity. Not only that, many health experts have found that those who lived near green areas were sleeping better especially for those aged 65-years old and above.

The integrated township boasts many qualities due to the strategic planning put behind its development. The same can be said about how the township is a one stop center offering food, activities and careers all under the same roof, providing the perfect balance of living, playing and working. With the availability of restaurants, retail shops and grocery stores, people are bound to experience a seamless journey towards filling their hunger. On top of that, gymnasiums, hotels and various outdoor activities are made available for the residences and community members to enjoy. These features will inevitably provide an area where a society may progress into a more tight-knit and healthier one while ensuring that the people can fulfill their desire to experience life in the luscious greenery of Pantai Sentral Park.

On a journey towards creating a healthier and better neighbourhood in Kuala Lumpur, the integrated township provides a solution to every modern Malaysian’s problems. Emphasizing on their principle of prioritising the people and the planet, Pantai Sentral Park hopes that the future of the people and the country is as bright as ever.

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