Get the home you want with BSN GiroHome-i or GiroHome
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Get the home you want with BSN GiroHome-i or GiroHome
Posted Date: Jun 01, 2009

Still dreaming of your perfect home? Well, turn that dream into reality with BSN’s GiroHome-i or GiroHome flexible home financing and loan packages that match your personal needs. Whether if you’re looking for a lower monthly repayment to ease your burden, to make up for an insufficient loan amount, to stretch a loan tenure or whatever your goals are, there will be a perfect package for you.

GiroHome-i: The best rate in the market

Avoid the uncertainties of Base Lending Rate (BLR) fluctuations by choosing GiroHome-i which is the best fixed rate in the market. It is a fuss-free Shariah-compliant home financing based on Bai’ Bithaman Ajil principal (buy and sell concept).

Here is how good it just is. The BLR for the last 33 years had the highest rate at 12.25% (1985), the lowest at 5.55% (May 2009) and an average of 8.07%. With GiroHome-i, you can lock down the rate to as low as 5.88% for the rest of the financing tenure. No fluctuations, no unwelcome surprises.

That is not all, you can also switch for free when refinancing your current home with BSN for any financing amount. With BSN’s Zero Moving Cost (ZMC) package, all your legal, disbursement fees or other related charges will be paid.

33 Years BLR Trend

GiroHome-i Profit Rate

GiroHome Attractive Offers*

With BSN conventional home loan you will enjoy:

  1. Minus 1% when you accept and sign our Letter of Offer within 48 hours (property under construction only)
  2. 2nd Charge Loan for government servants and other government linked companies (GLC)
  3. Longer tenure with our 2 Generation Loan
  4. Special ‘Pembiayaan Perumahan Rakyat’ scheme for those eligible customers without proof of income (loan amount up to RM100,000.00)
*Terms & conditions applies

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