Country Garden Ventures to Malaysia with Country Garden Danga Bay
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Country Garden Ventures to Malaysia with Country Garden Danga Bay
Aug 01, 2013

One of the top 10 developers in China with 21 years of experience in real estate, Country Garden has ventured to Malaysia to create its proven successful “5-Star Living For You” brand. Set to be a premier world-class city development, Country Garden Danga Bay is nestled in the waterfront city of Johor Bahru. Occupying a magnificent prime location of Iskandar Malaysia Flagship A, this exclusive integrated development consists of luxury service apartments as well as commercial, leisure and entertainment amenities. As the only waterfront metropolis in Johor Bahru, Country Garden Danga Bay can be the next Sentosa.

Country Garden Danga Bay will be built on 57 acres of land, covering more than 30 large-scale commercial and high-rise residential buildings and be an exclusive development in Malaysia and Singapore. Through integrated planning, rapid development, reasonable prices and generous promotion, Country Garden has brought a “miracle” to the real estate market in Malaysia and Singapore, and this coming August we will witness this “miracle”.

Country Garden Group, being an enterprise mainly in the real estate business, has also ventured into construction, renovation, property management, hotel development and management, education, leisure and entertainment. It has established itself as a reputed trademark in the market and won the Forbes Asia’s Fab 50 award. The company was officially stationed in Malaysia in 2012.

After much planning and preparation, Country Garden Danga Bay’s grand opening will finally take place on 11 August. It is going to be a spectacular launch not only with the million-dollar Universal Carnival but also with the high-end infrastructure clubhouse, three main theme commercial streets, luxurious model homes, an infinity pool, landscaped sky gardens, an artificial beach and a private marina.

Guests can be the first to experience a variety of facilities and understand the development of this project. Through this event, all will be able to better understand the concepts that Country Garden always adheres to: “One Phase Development” and “Facilities First”. This means that all facilities (private clubhouse, commercial streets, etc.) are well planned from the early stages of development. Such a grand launch as well as world-class showcase can be considered unprecedented and a new housing market in Malaysia.

At the entrance, guests will be greeted by a 3.6-metre high and 24-metre long large scenery wall. This RM500,000 welcome signage represents the development’s coastal world theme and was manually built in a total time span of three months.

At the same time, Country Garden Danga Bay offers the only man-made 330-metre long beach, comparable to a natural beach holiday experience. Country Garden specially imported white sand from the East Tsushima Island. Guests will also be able to experience a luxurious yacht marina with 10 yacht berths that will be managed by professional yacht agents.

The Danga Bay project is going to be an international town full of greenery. Country Garden introduced a golf course style landscape and handmade concept designed by the Country Garden Landscape Planning and Design. The company spent more than a million ringgit to bring in over a hundred species of plants, trees and flowers imported from India, Africa and Madagascar, the Caribbean, Mexico, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. This was done to bring natural elements into the development but also to create the most natural art.

As part of the business district, Country Garden Danga Bay project has over 15 acres of its land dedicated to a large commercial centre as well as a commercial street of three themes which are the Bar Street, Commercial Street and Fashion Street. The 125-metre Esplanade Bar Street can accommodate 15 shops along the coastal area. The stylish Bar Street is comparable to Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong and provides visitors with a good place to chill.

To create more excitement, Country Garden has led a series of big theme events which will continue fervently throughout the whole of August comprising abundant weekend theme events, monthly events as well as a series of VVIP group events. All these together will satisfy the needs and preferences of people from different classes, enabling the sharing of harmonious happiness between China, Singapore and Malaysia.

1) Weekend Theme Events: Enjoy your weekend with lots of fun! We promise to give you an endless supply of freshness.
- Southeast Music Festival, “Malaysia style” Music Festival, Meet Mediacorp’s Superstars including Zoe Tay, Chen Han Wei, Jesseca Liu, Edmund Chen, Kym Ng, and Pornsak, Music festival cum fireworks performance, Danga Bay’s Samba Oktoberfest, Lego Festival, Southeast Asia Beach Volleyball Tournament

2) Monthly Events: Regular activities throughout the carnival, lively fun!
- Southeast Asian Food Festival, Euro Fun Park, Brazilian Samba Parade
- Apart from participating in those interesting events, all visitors can experience the sample units and stores at Country Garden Danga Bay in advance, as well as the diverse services in our Clubhouse and Commercial Street.

3) VVIP group events: Make a reservation 3 days before through our sales staff and you will have the opportunity to participate in various private parties and receive a truly luxurious experience.
- Latte teaching, wine tasting in the elegant clubhouse, yachts booking, private beach and bar venue for organizing celebration.

All of you are invited to the biggest carnival in town! To avoid traffic congestion, we will also provide free shuttle buses in Johor Bahru, Batu Pahat, Kota Tinggi, Kluang and Singapore. JB will have shuttle buses to Danga Bay every hour, and the rest will have rides twice a day.

August has always been a carnival season; don't hesitate to join us and witness the miracle!
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