Paramount Utropolis Set to Transform Glenmarie
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Paramount Utropolis Set to Transform Glenmarie
Jan 09, 2013

Paramount Corporation Bhd has lived up to its reputation as one of Malaysia’s long standing property development and education companies with the unveiling of its masterplan for a new university metropolis in Glenmarie, Shah Alam.

Named the Paramount Utropolis, the project is a 21-acre freehold live-and-learn integrated development that is anchored by the company’s new 10-acre purpose built KDU University College campus. It also features 1,500 units of serviced apartments and SOHOs (small offices home offices) and a 120,000 sq ft retail centre with approximately 50 retail spaces.

In addition, the development has covered pedestrian walkways connecting all the major buildings, a comprehensive security system and 4,600 car park lots, making it a beacon for residents in the neighbouring Glenmarie areas too. The move is expected to transform Glenmarie from an industrial area to a vibrant learning, commercial, retail and residential hub.

“University metropolises are unique in that they always remain relevant, seldom grow ‘old’ or become unfashionable; in fact, most university metropolises gain stature and eminence as the universities mature,” said Paramount Group’s Chief Executive Officer Chan Say Yeong, presenting the likes of Boston in the United States, Berlin in Europe as well as Oxford and Cambridge in England as perfect examples of university metropolises that stay vibrant and energised with the constant infusion of students and visitors flowing in.

With costs amounting to RM320 million, Phase 1 of the new KDU University College campus at Utropolis has been designed around the philosophy that learning is experiential and can happen anywhere.

It features open spaces, themed gardens and discussion cubes along with nine fully equipped lecture halls that can house up to 250 students each. The campus also has 60 state-of-the-art classrooms for classes, tutorials and discussions, a 50,000 sq ft space housing KDU University College’s comprehensive library and a 500-bed student village.
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