Trendsetting Encorp Strand Stands Tall
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Trendsetting Encorp Strand Stands Tall
In recent months, Encorp Berhad has stood out with its innovative concepts
Posted Date: Aug 11, 2011

In recent months, Encorp Berhad has stood out with its innovative concepts that are set to transform the up-and-coming Kota Damansara area. Its flagship development, the RM1.3 billion Encorp Strand offers a complete living, working, dining, shopping and entertainment experience to its customers. As a result, the integrated offices, residential, leisure and retail development has experienced high capital appreciation to the extent of doubling its value especially for its fully sold-out Business Suites.

It thus comes as not much of a surprise that Encorp Strand has clinched the Highly Commended Award (Mixed-Used Development category for Malaysia) of the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2011 recently.

“Encorp Strand is a testament of our relentless pursuit of innovation and providing unbeatable quality, standard, value and services to all our customers, and the award certainly confirms this project’s stature,” said Encorp’s Executive Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer, Sen Dato Sri Effendi Norwawi, after receiving the award in Shanghai.

“We are honoured to receive this award and are naturally very pleased, as it represents the hard work and commitment that have gone into this flagship development of ours,” he added.

Built on superlatives

Encorp Strand is an integrated commercial development straddling 45.6 acres within the commercial belt of Kota Damansara. It comprises the green-compliant Garden Office, the iconic Red Carpet Avenue, Encorp Strand Mall, Encorp Strand Residences and Business Suites.

The four-storey Business Suites, fronting the entrance to Encorp Strand, are fully sold out with a 100% price appreciation in the sub-sale market. Red Carpet Avenue, tipped to be the centre of attraction at Encorp Strand, is equipped with state-of-the-art sound system, and specially designed lighting and fibre-optic cables to make it event-ready.

Garden Office incorporates green concepts and features such as rain water conservation, natural sun shading and sky gardens on all blocks. The sky gardens will be linked by unique 150-metre Skywalks, which has bubble lifts to transport visitors to the sky bridge.

Complementing those is what is set to be the trendiest neighbourhood mall around - Encorp Strand Mall, which provides for the daily shopping needs of the 500,000 population in Kota Damansara. Built just above the shopping mall is the 35-storey Encorp Strand Residences which boast French architectural style and panoramic city views.

The masterplan of Encorp Strand was designed by award-winning French architect Nicolas Ayoub of Conceptua Architects and Urban Planners who is credited for numerous projects in Paris, including Tour Adria and Tour Egee (also known as ‘Tour Technip’ and ‘Tour Ernst & Young’ respectively).

“Encorp Strand is essentially a product of our commitment to innovation and quality for our customers. This is the Encorp experience, an experience that is anything but ordinary,” concluded Dato Sri Effendi.

Encorp is principally an investment holding company involved in property development and construction management. It has previously won The Edge-PEPS Value Creation Excellence Award 2010 (non-residential development). In 2004, Encorp successfully delivered 10,000 units of teachers’ housing for the Ministry of Education worth RM1.3 billion across 109 sites. Under the 9th Malaysia Plan, Encorp was awarded a RM150 million contract by the Ministry of Education to construct, upgrade and refurbish 11 schools across Sarawak. Most of the completed schools have been delivered ahead of schedule.


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