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Realtors List
Posted Date: Jan 30, 2008
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3L Enterprises
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AB Realty
Ace Realty
Acquire Properties
Affirm Properties
Aim Realty
Allied Group Real Estate
Allworth Real Estate (KL) Sdn Bhd
Annie Realty
Anzal Properties
Arborland & Co Sdn Bhd
Aristar Estate Agents
Asia World Realty
Asian Land Realty
Asiapac Realty
Astro Hill Realty
Avenue Home Realty
Avenue Properties
AYG Property Solutions
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Bernard Realty
Beyond Realtors
BHL Properties
Big Home
Big House Sdn Bhd
BMC Properties
Breezewater Properties Sdn Bhd
Bridge Realty
Burgess Rawson
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Calliss Realty
Carey Real Estate (Penang) Sdn Bhd
Carey Real Estate Sdn Bhd
Casa Realty
CBD Properties Sdn Bhd
CBD Properties Sdn Bhd (KL)
Centreline Property
Centrepoint Realty
Century Properties
Chartwell Itac Real Estate Sdn Bhd
Chester Properties (Hartamas)
Chester Properties (HQ)
City Harta 1
City Real Properties
City Two Property Sdn Bhd
City Two Property Sdn Bhd (Bandar Tun Razak)
City Two Property Sdn Bhd (Cheras)
City Valuers & Consultants Sdn Bhd
Citylink Properties
CitySpace Properties
CL Land Properties
Corner Stone Realty
CountryWide Properties
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D'sara Properties
Daiwa Housing Agency
Daria Realty Co
Dawn Realty
Deluxe Properties
Demo Acct
Denhill Realty
Diamond Realty
Divine Realtors
Dowell Realty
Drago Two Property Consultancy
Dutama Properties
Dynamic Realtors
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E-Century Realty
Eastern Century Realtors
ED BiD Properties Sdn. Bhd.
Edmond Tan & Co
EL Shaddai Properties
Elegant Properties
Elvincom Realtor
Emerald Properties
Essel Properties
Estatecom Properties
Esteem Realty
Everland Realtor
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Fernstate Sdn Bhd
Firdaus & Associates
First Win Realty
Fivestar Properties
Forest Properties (Industrial)
Four Seasons Properties
Friendly Homes (KL)
Frontier Nozomi Property
Full Homes Realty
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GC Properties
Global Real Estate
Global Realty
GMAC Realtors
Golden Continental Property
Golden Land Property
Golden Vision Realty
Golden Vista Realty
GoldPage Properties
Good Link Agency
Good Properties
Grace Home Realty
Grace Realty
Grand Star Properties
Grants & Leases Real Estate Solutions
Great Homes Realtors
Green Acres Properties
Greenbay Realty
Greenfield Properties
GreenHill Real Estate
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Happy Homes Realty
Harmony Realty Co
Harta Fortune
Harta Putri
Hartamart Realty
Hartamas Real Estate Sdn Bhd
Hartanah Consultants
Hartanah Goldhill Sdn Bhd
Hectares & Stratas
Henry Butcher Real Estate (Ampang)
Henry Butcher Real Estate (Damansara) Sdn Bhd
Henry Butcher Real Estate (Johor) S/B
Henry Butcher Real Estate (Penang)
Henry Butcher Real Estate (PJ)
Henry Butcher Real Estate( KL-HQ)
Himland Estate Agency
HKH Holdings Sdn Bhd
Homegates Realty
Hosanna Properties
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I-link Properties
IM Global Property Consultants
Imperial Properties
Individual Agents (Registered Estate Agent)
Industrial & Land Realty
IPEC Properties
iProp Realty (Damansara) Sdn Bhd
iProp Realty (SJ) Sdn Bhd
iProp Realty (USJ) Sdn Bhd
iProp Realty Sdn Bhd
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J A Valley Properties
J A Valley Properties (P.J.)
J-linc Properties
Jadehill Properties
Jalin Realty
Jann Properties
JB Jurunilai Bersekutu Sdn. Bhd.
JED Realty
Jin Da Realty
JT Properties
JU Properties
Jurukor Hartanah
Juste Land
Juta Properties
JYMS Properties Sdn Bhd (Kuchai Lama)
JYMS Properties Sdn Bhd(Seri Petaling)
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K S Properties
Kenrich Realty
Kesavan Realty (Ipoh)
KEY Properties
Keystone Properties Real Estate Agency
Kiara Realty
Kim Properties
Kim Realty (Bangsar)
Kim Realty (Main Office)
Kim Realty (Puchong)
Knight Frank Ooi & Zaharin Sdn Bhd
KP Harta Sdn Bhd
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Laika Realtors Sdn Bhd
Land & Buildings Realty
Landbridge Real Estate Agency
Landcom Property Services
Landserve Sdn Bhd
Lavender Estate Agency
Leaders Real Estate
Lee Realty
Leong Housing Agency
Lik Sun Agency
Linear Estates
Linz Realty
LKM Properties
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M.S. Properties
MacReal Valuers & Realtors Sdn Bhd(KL)
MacReal Valuers & Realtors Sdn. Bhd.
Magmas Realty
Maple Realty
Mariott Properties
Masterline Realty
Maxwealth Properties
Megaharta Real Estate (Desa) Sdn Bhd
Megaharta Real Estate Sdn Bhd (Ampang)
Megaharta Real Estate Sdn Bhd (PJ)
Megaharta Real Estate Sdn Bhd (Puchong)
Megaharta Real Estate Sdn Bhd (Sri Hartamas)
Megaharta Real Estate Sdn Bhd (Subang)
Megahland Realty
Merge Properties
Merlin Property Centre
Meru Utama Realty (MUR)
Metro Homes Sdn Bhd (Cheras)
Metro Homes Sdn Bhd (Damansara)
Metro Homes Sdn Bhd (Klang)
Metro Homes Sdn Bhd (Kota Damansara)
Metro Homes Sdn Bhd (Kota Kemuning)
Metro Homes Sdn Bhd (PJ)
Metro Homes Sdn Bhd (Puchong)
Metro Homes Sdn Bhd (Sri Hartamas)
Metro Homes Sdn Bhd (USJ Taipan)
Metrolink Properties
Metropolis Property Consultants Sdn Bhd
Metroprime Properties
Metroworld Realty Sdn Bhd (Cheras)
Metroworld Realty Sdn Bhd (Setapak)
MetroWorld Realty Sdn Bhd(Puchong)
Metroworld Realty(Damansara Utama)
MIP Properties
Mission Hill Real Estate
MKS Realty
MultiLink Properties
Muthu & Lee
Myland Properties
N Back To Top
Natwest Property
New Bob Realty Sdn Bhd
New Era Realtors
New Way Realtor
NicoleKing Properties
Nikko Housing Agency
Nilai Harta Consultant Sdn Bhd
Nilai Harta Consultant Sdn Bhd (Bangi)
Nilai Harta Consultant Sdn Bhd (Seremban)
Nineten Properties
Northern Land Properties (Penang)
Nova Realty
NTC Estate Agency Services
Nurr Property Consultant
NWR Network Realtors
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One Asia Properties
One United Realty
Oriental Realty (Bandar Sunway)
Oriental Realty (Damansara)
Oriental Realty (Kelana Jaya)
Oriental Realty (KL)
Oriental Realty (Kota Kemuning)
Oriental Realty (Mont Kiara)
Oriental Realty (Plaza Pantai)
Oriental Realty (Putra Heights)
Oriental Realty (Seremban)
Oriental Realty (Sri Petaling)
Oriental Realty (Subang)
Oversea Properties
P Back To Top
Pacific Alliance Realty
Pacific Properties Consultancy
Pan Properties
Parkfield Realty
Parkroyal Real Estate
Parkview Properties
Pavilion Properties
Peggy Realty
People Realty
Phoenix Properties
Pillai Properties
Pillai Real Estate Co.
Pine Properties Sdn Bhd (IOI Group)
PJ Development Holdings Berhad
Portfolio Asia Properties
PPC International Sdn Bhd
Premier Property Sdn Bhd
Premier Property Sdn Bhd (Mont Kiara)
Premier Realty
Premier Realty (PJ)
Prima Property Agency
Pro-Land Review Real Estate Agent
Prolander Properties
Property Connection
Property Express
Property House
Property Inns Realty
Property link
Property Mall
Property Network
Property Online
Property Street
Property Talk
Property Watch
Propvest Properties (Sungai Besi)
Prosper Realty
PTL Realty
Putra Realty
PWP Properties Sdn Bhd
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Quest Realty
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R.E. Solutions
Rahim & Co
Raine & Horne Internation Zaki + Partner Sdn Bhd(Seremban)
Raine & Horne International Zaki + Partners Sdn Bhd (Penang)
Raine, Horne & Zaki Real Estate (PJ) Sdn Bhd
Rainforest Properties
Ram's Realty
Read Realty
Real Estate House
Reapfield Properties (Hartamas) Sdn Bhd
Reapfield Properties (K. Kemuning)
Reapfield Properties (K.L.) Sdn Bhd
Reapfield Properties (Klang) Sdn Bhd
Reapfield Properties (Puchong) Sdn Bhd
Reapfield Properties (S.J.) Sdn Bhd - Industrial Division
Reapfield Properties (Shah Alam) Sdn Bhd
Reapfield Properties (State) Sdn Bhd
Reapfield Properties (Subang Jaya) Sdn Bhd
Reapfield Properties (Sunway)
Reapfield Properties (Taman Sea) Sdn Bhd
Reapfield Properties (W.P.) Sdn Bhd
Reapfield Properties Sdn Bhd
Regahome Realty
Regroup Associates Sdn Bhd
Rei Properties
Reren Properties
Resource Realty
Riche Alliance
Richland Properties
Rinchen Realtors
Rizal Properties
Rose Lai Realty
Royale Rich
RTS Megah Realtors
S Back To Top
S.T.Hui & Associates
San Co
SANG Associates
Select Realty
Sentinel Properties
Sherwood Realtors
Shogun Realty
Silverland Realty
SK Brothers Realty(M) S/B
SLK Properties
Soma Sun Realtors
Southgate Real Estate (Sunway)
Stanwells Realty
Starcity Property
Starcity Property (SunwayMas)
Steadfast Realty
Stephen Wong Realtors
Steward Ship Realty
STKM Realty
Stocker Roberts & Gupta Sdn Bhd
Subang Avenue Real Estate
Suleiman & Co
Summer Realtors Sdn Bhd
Summerhill Realty
Summerhill Realty (Bangsar)
Sun Properties
Susan Realty
Syarikat Maha Bagus Properties
Syarikat Perumahan Sunshine Sdn. Bhd.
Sykt. Perumahan Sunshine Sdn Bhd (Sunshine Properties)
T Back To Top
Tech Properties
The One Property Sdn Bhd (DU)
The One Property Sdn Bhd (Hartamas)
The One Property Sdn Bhd (KL)
The One Property Sdn Bhd (USJ)
The Peak Realty
Tiara Properties
Tienna Properties
Time Properties
Tiram Realty
TM Starswill Realty
Together Properties
Tower Realty
Trans Action Properties
Transact Properties
Transasia Property Consultancy
TransAsia Property Consultancy Sdn Bhd
Triplc Bhd
TROPHY Properties
TSK Realty
Turbo Realty
U Back To Top
UPC Properties Sdn Bhd
Upper Valley Realty
V Back To Top
V K Realty
Vanisha Real Estate Company
Venture Properties
Vineyard Realtors
W Back To Top
Walym Realtor
Wang Lai Realty
Wang Lai Realty (Kepong)
WCT Realtors
Western Homes Realtors
Westmont S.A. Properties
White Knights Real Estate Sdn Bhd (PJ)
Y Back To Top
Y.C Mok & Co
Yit Seng Realty
YL Realty
YP Lois Realty
Yuyi Properties
Z Back To Top
Zenhill Realty
Zerin Properties
Zuree Noor Property Consultant
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