Find the Right Agent
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Find the Right Agent
Posted Date: Apr 30, 2008
Find an Agent
  • Get referrals from neighbours, friends, and colleagues (including your lawyer or financial advisor).
  • If you're a seller, check For Sale signs in your neighbourhood for local agents who regularly and successfully sell in the area.
  • Interview at least three agents before you choose one. Be sure to ask the right questions: 

Choose an Agent
Look for an agent who:
  • Makes you feel comfortable and confident, not anxious or pressured.
  • Specializes in areas where you live (if you're a seller) or want to live (if you're a buyer).
  • Returns calls promptly and answers questions readily.
  • Informs you of new listings (if you're a buyer) or sales progress (if you're a seller) and suggests new strategies as the listing period progresses.

Work with an Agent
  • Set working guidelines (regular times to view houses or show your home, for example).
  • Make your priorities clear so neither of you wastes time on listings that don't fit your criteria (if you're a buyer) or on unqualified buyers (if you're a seller).
  • Keep all of your paperwork in one place, for easy retrieval when you need them. For buyers, that includes your priority list , listing notes and loan documents. For sellers, that includes your listing contract, loan documents, inspection reports, and disclosures.
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