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2018 Budget revolves around the interest of the rakyat


2018 Budget revolves around the interest of the rakyat

26 October 2017, Putrajaya – The 2018 Budget will be an inclusive budget that will take into account the interest of the people from all walks of life, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Apart from introducing more programmes for the people, some which have not been done before, he said the Opposition too would receive a fair share of the budget.

Speaking at a media briefing for editors here today, he said the 2018 Budget, to be tabled in Parliament tomorrow, would also look at issues pertaining to youth, Bumiputera agenda, Indian blueprint, as well as, concerns of the Chinese community.

It would also look into areas which create new sources of growth for the country, as well as, new wealth for the people, cutting across the challenges in terms of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, Digital Malaysia, connectivity and investing in infrastructure which underpin strong economic growth.

Najib pointed out that the budget should not be seen as merely a wish list, in how much one is getting, but rather be seen in the overall context of sound economic and financial management of the country.

“Sound management meaning (the government being) very responsible, very prudent but at the same time cares about the interest of the people and to move the country forward in terms of economic growth that is sustainable.

“ Not because you want to be a populist government but it must be predicated on both the capital economy and people economy. Hence what we do must be responsible, credible and sustainable,” he explained.

The premier also said the people’s interest would be affected if the country did not record growth or enjoy the confidence of global markets or if rating agencies did not give good report cards.

He maintained that the government was very consistent in its plans and policies and they were not a flip-flop.

“This government is consistent and not a flip flop. This government can continue on the same track and will be having significant milestones measured in long-term goals for the country.

“What people need is a government that gives them a sense of certainty as to what are the economic policies of the country,” he said, adding that the people deserved the benefits of economic growth and progress.

Economic growth for this year is expected to be above five per cent as predicted by most international agencies after having recorded a 5.7 per cent growth in the first half.


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