Sime Darby showcases Seri Pilmoor in Ara Damansara
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Sime Darby showcases Seri Pilmoor in Ara Damansara
Offers luxury bungalows and semi-detached homes
Mar 12, 2010

Sime Darby Property has unveiled Seri Pilmoor, a high-end residential project located in Ara Damansara. Seri Pilmoor comprises 74 bungalows and 34 semi-detached homes set within 28.5 acres of freehold land.


The bungalows and semi-ds have built-ups of 6,500 sq ft onwards and 4,600 sq ft onwards respectively. Residents at Seri Pilmoor will also get to enjoy ‘The Lanai’ facility that features a 2,700 sq ft conservatory, a swimming pool, wading pool, secure play space for children, kitchenette, meeting rooms, a pantry.


Dato’ Tunku Putra Badlishah, managing director of Sime Darby Property said, “Seri Pilmoor offers investors and owners a sanctuary which is exclusive and prestigious. A niche development, Seri Pilmoor predominantly offers distinctive architecture both externally and internally; 50 per cent green footprint; sustainable features which were meticulously designed and thoughtfully planned in line with Sime Darby Property’s corporate philosophy of sustainable development.”


He added, “The low density, wide-frontage with contemporary designs, use of sustainable materials, high level of security and exclusive touches such as the private rooftop pavilions create a residential development in a prime location which is highly desirable yet very limited in its availability, which is what makes Seri Pilmoor so exclusive.”


Prices of the bungalows will begin from RM4.57 million while the semi-detached units begin from RM2.8 million. There are three design types and six different rooftop pavilion layouts for the bungalows, while the semi-detached units have two different pavilion layouts.


The rooftop pavilions come with options for a swimming pool, reflective pool or Jacuzzi.


Seri Pilmoor homes are designed in compliance with the Green Building Index with features such as a rainwater harvesting system, use of formaldehyde-free finishes, all-natural products such as bamboo flooring and asphalt roof shingles made from recycled materials.


Feng Shui consultant Joey Yap has accessed Seri Pilmoor and commented that the development receives a flow of life-giving Qi from the ‘hills’ to the North, which also creates a ‘cradle-like’ formation that helps to lock in the life-generating Qi for the residents of Seri Pilmoor to ensure an idyllic, auspicious and harmonious life for the residents.

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