Top 10 Tips for Making Your Listings Stand Out
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Top 10 Tips for Making Your Listings Stand Out
Posted Date: Nov 23, 2009
By: Emma Sorensen

While we think all listings should always be best they can be, it’s a competitive world out there and sometimes you want your listings to really shine, and give them a good dose of “web appeal” – the new curb appeal.


So here are’s Top 10 Tips for making your listings stand out.


1. Photos photos and more photos. Need we say more? A picture tells a thousand words, so make them clear, quality and appealing.


2. Think about including some special extras like floor plans, local neighbourhood shots, or maps.


3. Does it warrant a virtual tour? Or some kind of video showcase of the property?


4. Sell, sell, sell. Use compelling sales language and make your description the best it can be. This means making it accurate too, right down to spelling and grammar. Don’t leave anything out, highlight the features, and lay it out in a logical fashion. Consider writing a small piece of introductory text, a succinct sales pitch, that will begin the listing.


5. If in doubt, add more information. People are hungry for details and will spend more time on your listing if it contains more information. Is the property animal friendly? Are good schools nearby? Is it a renovators delight? What’s the price guide?


6. Aim for the top. Ensure you are on the top advertising package available. Most portals offer a premium option that allows for better positioning for your properties so they attract buyer’s eyes more readily.


7. Exploit all the features you can. If the portal offers paid for positioning, audio, mapping, or attachments like info sheets and neighbourhood data – use them all.


8. Dare to be different. Does it warrant a special open house, or something unusual?


9. Choose the right portal for the property. Not all portals are the same, and not all buyers look on all portals. It pays to get it right.


10. Flaunt it. Tell everyone you can about this property – email it, blog it, tweet it, Facebook it, talk about it, make phone calls about it, link to it, whatever it takes.


And finally, make sure your listing is kept 100% up-to-date, and this includes saying when it’s been sold.


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