Taman Desa
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Taman Desa
Once surrounded by jungle and rubber estates, Taman Desa is now considered a strategic area with its proximity to Mid Valley Megamall and other landmarks.
Posted Date: Sep 03, 2015
By: Oregeon Property Consultancy Sdn Bhd

Desa Park City’s gated and guarded community status plays a significant role in influencing the interest buyers have in its units.

Located merely several kilometers away from the Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Taman Desa is sited off Old Klang Road, one of the oldest road in Klang Valley which used to be the main access in the locality before the completion of Federal Highway and New Pantai Expressway. Besides that, some of the significant land marks have also made the township to be easily found, those are such as Mid Valley Megamall, The Scott Garden, Taman Desa Medical Centre, Desa Waterpark and etc.

The township is a combination of residential and commercial activities, built with low to high-rise dwellings, shop-offices and office towers, ranged from lower end to luxurious conceptual designed properties. The commercial hub provides most of the daily needs and job opportunities good enough to call it a self-sustain township; in fact it attracts people from surrounding to some of the well-known food and beverage stalls keeping the vitality of the township.

Main access to the township can be via the Old Klang Road or the East–West Link Expressway (Salak Expressway), an extension of Malaysia’s Federal Highway from Seputeh to Taman Connaught in Cheras. Taman Desa itself have no integrated public transportation system available within the township, however, the services are easily reachable.

There is a KTM station located near to the Mid Valley Megamall, slightly further to the north within the KL Sentral, most of the train services are available i.e. the KTM, Monorail, LRT and the coming MRT. The proposed Monorail extension as well has got the station planned between Taman Desa and Mid Valley Megamall. Other options will be towards the south where the LRT stations are located in Bukit Jalil and Sri Petaling which is located merely several kilometers away.

Generally the recorded transaction prices for landed properties are in an increasing trend since 2010, as at June 2015, the recorded highest transaction price for a 3 storey semi-detached house and a 2 storey terraced house were at RM3.5 million and RM1.69 million, respectively.

The amount of transactions however shows a less consistent pace and has then decreased from 36 units in 2010 to merely 4 units as at June 2015. On the other hand, the stratified properties have shown a stable and consistent move in terms of their amount of transacted units and recorded average transaction price. The recorded transaction prices has increased approximately 88% since 2010 (RM271 psf) to June 2015 (RM509 psf), and the amount of transacted units have decrease approximately 58% from 2010 (371 units) to 2014 (155 units) and recorded a merely 15 transacted units as at June 2015.

There are not many ongoing developments within the township. However it is notable that many of the unused lands in Taman Desa are enclosed with hoardings for quite some years and yet no proposal or further actions were announced. As most areas within the township are currently occupied by landed houses; the limited land shall eventually be allocated for high-rise properties and it is notable from the current list of ongoing / in –tube projects as well.

Just like many other townships, Taman Desa is facing scenarios that will occur in established townships such as the traffic congestion and easy access to the highways has made the connectivity an advantage. However it also causes commuters travelling in and out to be affected especially along the two major roads, Old Klang Road and East–West Link Expressway. Perhaps the ongoing MRT project, the monorail and the LRT extensions would be able to ease the traffic congestion thus benefiting Taman Desa and the surrounding townships.

Oregeon Property Consultancy Research Team

Since the asking prices and project status various from time to time, we do not guarantee the validity of the information found here. The analysis and the article written was based on information available and was then further modified and analysed by Oregeon Property Consultancy Research Team. We bear no losses or legal liability caused by the information given.


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